The Philadelphia Police Department has launched an internal investigation into an officer who once sued the department for police brutality, then turned to a gangster rap career, before joining the department, reports the Daily News.

Two years ago, Officer Robert Acevedo Jr. performed as "Young Reek," appearing shirtless in rap videos flashing $100 bills with co-stars holding what look like drugs. Lyrics in the video "Top Gunnaz" include: "A top gunner, flyer than Tom Cruise, I pop dudes, Rockin' 'em, knockin' 'em out they shoes."

Acevedo was also one of three plaintiffs in a lawsuit, which claimed that they were beaten by police on Nov. 11, 2005 in Juniata Park. The suit was settled out of court in January 2008 for $72,500.

He joined the police department a year ago.

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