The Pennsylvania State Police have ordered 1,200 Model 870P, 12-gauge shotguns from the Remington Arms Co., according to the company.

"We selected Remington shotguns after a complete test and evaluation process," according to Capt. Brian Acken of the Pennsylvania State Police. "We are excited to work with Remington to provide weapons our Troopers need. We discussed the 870s with several other agencies and found that the shotgun we selected is the best for our use."

At the agency's request, Remington added a six-round side saddle from Mesa Tactical and an LED forend from Surefire.

In addition, courses will be provided by the Remington Armorer's School instructors to train Pennsylvania troopers on how to repair and maintain the Remington Model 870P shotguns used by their officers.

"We are very excited to win this award," according to Rick Johnson, business manager of Remington Law Enforcement Sales. "These shotguns were tested thoroughly and will provide the troopers with years of service."

Delivery of the shotguns will begin in March, 2011.

Since its introduction in 1950, over 10 million Model 870 shotguns have been produced. Through numerous configurations and variants, the Model 870 platform is used for law enforcement, military applications and sporting purposes in more than 50 countries including the United States.