Tactical units from multiple Alaska law enforcement agencies are now in a stand-off with a barricaded man who shot two Hoonah PD officers as their family members watched.

John Marvin Jr. allegedly shot 32-year-old Hoonah Police Sergeant Tony Wallace and 39-year-old patrolman Matt Tokuoka shortly after 10:30 p.m. Saturday, KCAW-FM reports.

Marvin was well known to the department that patrols an 850-person village and now has one officer. A year ago he had tried to grab the gun of Wallace durinng an encounter with the officer, who stopped him because he was a trained wrestler.

On Sunday evening, tactical officers from the Alaska State Police, Juneau PD and other surrounding agencies were in a standoff with Marvin, who remained inside his home.

Officer Wallace was the department's evidence officer and breath test maintenance technician, and had been commended by Chief John Millan for his DWI enforcement work, according to the Hoonah PD website.

Officer Tokuoka had recently returned to full-time duty from reserve duty. He was a senior NCO in the U.S. Marine Corps with a background in special operations.

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