Eight members of the Latin King Goonies stand accused of torturing and sodomizing a gay man, his older brother, and two teenagers in a savage anti-gay torture spree.

Several of the gang members later joked about the incident in prison, reports the New York Daily News.

Here's an excerpt from the story about what allegedly happened Oct. 3 over many hours in an abandoned Morris Heights home the gang used as a clubhouse:

Two of the victims were sodomized - one with a wooden plunger handle and the other with a small plastic baseball bat. One teen was forced to burn his older lover's genitals with a cigarette.

"Is it true you're a f----t?" ringleader Idelfonso (Cheto) Mendez demanded of his bound, captive victims before punching them repeatedly in the face, prosecutors said.

They said he forced one victim to choose between being beaten by a pipe or a bat.

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