Safariland's STRIKE Shield addresses the growing need for ballistic protection during active shooter/first responder operations, according to the company.

The company introduced the shield as part of its PROTECH Tactical line of specialty ballistic shields.

The STRIKE Shield is designed with a unique flexible soft panel that allows it to be rolled up and stowed in a small carry bag for easy storage and portability yet is capable of quick deployment when needed.

Additionally, the STRIKE Shield's design makes it useful for operations in areas where maneuverability is limited and the use of a traditional hard armor shield is impractical, according to Safariland.

The PROTECH STRIKE Shield is a type IIIA shield that has been tested in accordance with the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Standard 0108.01 for evaluation of equipment using ballistic resistant materials. In addition, the ballistic resistant materials of the STRIKE Shield have been tested against 2-, 4-, 16- and 64-grain fragmentation in accordance with the MIL-STD-662F protocol for V50 ballistic testing.

Available in Black and O.D. Green, the STRIKE Shield's outer cover features an optional plate pocket that can be used to add Type III or IV hard armor rifle threat protection. The shield's ballistic material is comprised of a lightweight woven Aramid ballistic fiber and is wrapped in a heavy duty, heat-sealed and water-resistant panel cover. These features make the STRIKE shield lightweight, flexible and high performing.

"The PROTECH STRIKE Shield is an innovative design, driven by our customers' need for an armor product that bridges the gap between hard armor and concealable body armor," said Dan McNeil, Safariland's category director for tactical armor. "Whether during a first responder, active shooter response, clearing a house, a maritime ship boarding, a felony car stop or for use in a school classroom environment, the STRIKE Shield goes everywhere you go."