Alleged Jamaican drug kingpin Christopher Coke has been brought to New York City to face charges, the Drug Enforcement Administration has announced.

Coke was arrested by Jamaican authorities on June 22 near Kingston, after a five-week pursuit by local authorities. He will face drug trafficking and gun running charges related to his role as leader of the Shower Posse, which gained its name by showering foes with bullets, the New York Daily News reports.

According to the indictment, Coke has led the Shower Posse, since the early 1990s. Members of the group sold marijuana and crack cocaine in the New York area and elsewhere, and sent the narcotics proceeds back to Coke and his co-conspirators. Coke and his co-conspirators also armed their organization with illegally trafficked firearms.

Coke had a variety of aliases that included Michael Christopher Coke, Paul Christopher Scott, Presi, General, President, Duddus and Shortman.

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