American Technologies Network Corp. (ATN) announced today that the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) has completed its review and testing of the ATN NVM-14-3P night vision monocular and has received an overall score of 4.51 out of a possible 5 in its member-tested-and-recommended-program ratings.

The ATN NVM-14-3P is a multi-purpose night vision monocular featuring advanced third-generation technology using the ITT Pinnacle image intensifier tube for a clear, crisp image in the darkest of conditions. The NVM-14-3P is compatible with most IR laser aiming/illuminating devices and can be used with camera for nighttime photography. It uses the principle of intensification of the residual light which is reflected form the surrounding objects. Equipped with ATN's Total Darkness technology, the ATN NVM-14-3P has a built-in infrared (IR) light-emitting source that allows for maximum flexibility even when the available ambient light is minimal.

The officers evaluating the ATN NVM-14-3P night vision monocular found it easy to use and said the picture provided was excellent in all conditions tested. According to one tester, "The view through the (ATN NVM-14-3P) monocular was superb. The view was clear and crisp and bright, allowing one to easily distinguish features of what was being observed. I would recommend this device for service with police patrol and tactical units."

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