Sentry Solutions, a dry lubrication manufacturer for the military, law enforcement, firearms, and outdoor sporting markets, has received an overall score of 4.95 out of a possible 5 for its Marine Tuf-Cloth in the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) Member Tested and Recommended Program ratings.

One of the testers, a police officer from the Gulf Coast of Florida, commented, "I tested the cloth on several knives and firearms. The cloth worked great on all items. It worked very well on an old Remington 870, whose surface would rust in a desert. I used the cloth on all of the exterior surfaces of the weapon and returned it to my vehicle's trunk. I conducted no other maintenance on its surface for over two weeks. I also left it in a secure area outside for two days, during a stretch of rainy weather. The weapon was not directly soaked, but it did get plenty of moisture exposure. That old 870 is rust free and going strong with only one application with the cloth. All other items that the cloth was used on showed similar results."

His final conclusion was a very high rating for the Marine Tuf-Cloth: "I would highly recommend this product. Even if you do not live in a saltwater environment, this cloth will be useful for protecting metal items from rain, sweat, or other liquids that the items may be exposed to. I think its best application is for protecting items that may be stored for long periods of time."

Another officer used the Marine Tuf-Cloth on a variety of products including off-road vehicles. He rated the Marine Tuf-Cloth a perfect score of 5. "I have found multiple uses for this product. This stuff is great. The first application was on our Polaris Razor off-road vehicles. When I first received this product, I put it on all of the exposed metal on one of the vehicles (we have two). We use these vehicles for multiple uses, everything from patrolling the beach to checking dike roads for poachers. I just followed the directions on the pouch and reapplied after each wash when the vehicle was dry.

"It has been approximately 45 days and the vehicle without the Tuf-Cloth has some surface rust where there are scratches in the metal. The test vehicle looks great. There is no surface rust and it seems to protect the metal. A couple of officers that normally patrol the beach have used it on their weapons and it seems to prevent surface rust and corrosion around the rear sights and on the rail systems. Even if the Tuf-Cloth gets dry, you can bring it back to life with Tuf-Glide or mineral spirits. Great product."

The Marine Tuf-Cloth was developed for the U.S. Navy SEALS using Sentry Solutions' proprietary formula of non-toxic, dry-film corrosion inhibitors and lubricants that provide a fast-drying, water-displacing, micro-bonding crystal barrier against rust, friction, and wear. Based on the original Tuf-Cloth, Marine Tuf-Cloth is formulated with additional anti-corrosive ingredients to satisfy the Navy SEALs' request for saltwater corrosion protection. These special ingredients enhance protection of fishing tackle, dive knives and gear, and boat and trailer accessories against the highly corrosive effects of saltwater and high humidity. Marine Tuf-Cloth also offers superb protection for gear that is stowed away long-term, keeping it rust-free and out-of-storage ready for your next adventure.

Sentry Solutions' Marine Tuf-Cloth comes in a handy, resealable, waterproof pouch and can be found at your local retailer for $8.95 or at

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