A Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer was indicted earlier this week on charges of first-degree sexual offense and first-degree kidnapping.

Joseph D. Anthony, 39, is accused of a November 27 kidnapping and sexual offense against a female. In this case, the kidnapping charges stem from allegations that the victim was forcibly moved to different locations in her home. Anthony was on duty and on call at the time of the alleged assault.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department initiated an investigation the day after the alleged offense based on information provided by another CMPD employee. Detectives were sent to interview the victim, and three hours later Anthony was placed on administrative leave.

"As difficult as it is for any police department to have charges against one of their own, the CMPD aggressively pursues any allegations of misconduct because nothing is more important than the integrity of the force," Chief Darrel Stephens said in a prepared statement. "Everyone who wears this uniform is expected to act with the highest degree of integrity and live by the same laws they are sworn to uphold. These charges sicken me and all of the other men and women of this department. In fact, it is due to the integrity of fellow officers that we got information that enabled us to pursue this investigation and the appropriate legal and administrative actions."

Anthony has served with the department since 1998. He is now on unpaid leave, pending the outcome of the criminal and internal investigations.