About 455 freshman students were safely evacuated from a University of California at Davis campus dormitory last night after police found pipe bomb materials in a student's room.

Mark Christopher Woods, 19, of Torrance was arrested on suspicion of possessing chemicals to make explosives and possessing explosive materials on school grounds, both felonies.

All campus activities resumed as scheduled today.

Campus police reportedly discovered the explosives around 9 p.m. last night, working on a tip from another student. They took woods into custody and evacuated students from the dorm and from six surrounding buildings.

Campus emergency officials conferred and determined there was no threat to wider campus safety, and it was not necessary to activate the emergency notification system.

"We evacuated students as a precaution. We do not expect further disruption to the university," said Fred Wood, vice chancellor for student affairs. "We are confident that university police and other local law enforcement agencies have the situation contained."

Local bomb techs and investigators and federal explosives experts entered the room after attaining a search warrant. They removed the suspected explosive materials later this morning to the FBI crime lab in Sacramento for analysis.

Police investigators say there is nothing to indicate that this case was related to a terrorist act. The investigation is continuing.