This week the Beverly Hills Police Department hosted training officers, tactical team leaders and patrol officers for a two-hour demo of the TigerLight non-lethal defense system.

“It was a great turnout and a big success with standing room only,” said Michael Teig, president and CEO of TigerLight. "It was a larger turnout than we expected. We were very happy to see 13 departments and campus security also represented. The TigerLight can make a big difference on our campuses.”

Portland police sergeant and TigerLight inventor Randy Teig conducted the demo. Officers from various departments assisted Sgt. Teig in the tactical scenarios. The TigerLight was demonstrated in a series of encounters in which officers had to make split-second, life-and-death decisions.

The demo culminated with a scenario in which Sgt. Teig played the officer and one of the attendees played the bad guy. The bad guy approached Sgt. Teig with hands in coat pockets and defiantly refused to remove his hands from his pockets when instructed to do so. Sgt. Teig, sensing ill intent, made a very quick decision to deploy the spray from the TigerLight after impairing the bad guy's sight with the intense light. The split-second non-lethal response diminished the bad guy's capability to attack. Sgt. Teig simultaneously moved offline while drawing his firearm. After being hit with the spray, the bad guy went to a crouching position while drawing his gun from his pocket and firing blindly due to the effect of the spray. Sgt. Teig was able to respond with five quick rounds ending the encounter. The entire encounter probably lasted less than two seconds.

“In a real encounter, the ‘bad guy’ probably would not have continued after being sprayed (inert spray was used in the demo). However, the important fact is that the officer was able to respond very quickly with both non-lethal and lethal force as needed. No other device available to law enforcement provides that capability,” said Michael Teig.

The compact TigerLight T100 personal defense system was provided to each officer at the demonstration.