At TREXPO East in Chantilly, Va., on Tuesday, August 26, Q. Gillus of the Virginia Tactical Officers Association and "Chief" Steve Bronson, a specialist in waterborne tactics who is retired from the U.S. Navy, will discuss what law enforcement can learn from current and past combat situations in Iraq and Afghanistan during two sessions: First Responders Lessons Learned From Combat in Iraq and Afghanistan and What Can American Law Enforcement Learn from Anti-Terrorism Tactics Used in Iraq?

This TREXPO East "Terrorism" track will address the following topics:

  • Significant terrorist incidents since 9/11
  • Overview of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Terrorist investigation
  • Counter-terrorism
  • Lessons learned from the front lines
  • A visual tour thru Abu Ghraib Prison

The purpose of the two seminars is to provide situational awareness and "lessons learned" from combat in Iraq and Afghanistan in order to enhance counter-terrorist efforts here in the United States. The presentation will be an eye opening reminder of what has been happening in Iraq.

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