The FCC fined Rocky Mountain Radar earlier this year for producing radar jammers that interfere with police traffic radar.

FCC regulations require certification for intentional radiators, devices transmitting any sort of radio signal. Because radar jammers transmit a signal designed to interfere with police radar, the FCC called on Rocky Mountain Radar to cease manufacture of the units.

The FCC rejected RMR's argument the jammers were not intentional radiators, but rather reflected a distorted version of the signal they received and fined RMR $25,000.

"This is a clear victory for traffic safety and law enforcement," says Kris Pearson, marketing and product development director for Decatur Electronics, the nation's oldest manufacturer of traffic radar.

"Police use radar to enforce traffic safety laws. Devices that interfere with this tool have been ruled illegal by the FCC. We are happy to see traffic safety laws supported by the FCC."