Inc. magazine recently announced its 25th annual Inc. 500 list of America's 500 fastest-growing private companies. Modesto, California-based 5.11 Inc. landed in 211th place in the publication's rankings.

The maker of innovative tactical gear for law enforcement, military, and fire professionals, 5.11 is probably best known for its seven-pocket, original 5.11 Tactical Pant.

"The 5.11 brand is not only hot in the public safety field, consumers are also very intrigued with our tactical gear," says 5.11 Inc. CEO Dan Costa. "We've become more of a lifestyle brand. We're growing very quickly and are launching several new product lines this fall. It's exciting to be ranked number 211 our first time out on this highly respected national list."

The company's roots were originally based in the outdoor industry, then moved into the law enforcement arena, where officers found the clothing so comfortable, functional, and well-built, they also began wearing it during their off-duty hours.

"5.11 is a good product at a good value. In addition to law enforcement professionals, people in the community are finding these really cool clothes—as well as our gear and accessories—in LE stores," Costa notes.

5.11 Inc. reports three-year sales growth of 1,039 percent. Sales topped $55 million in 2006 with projections of $85 million for 2007. "We look forward to strong, continued growth," Costa adds. "Being listed on the prestigious Inc. 500 certainly raises the bar for 2008."

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