Honolulu police officers arrested a woman for selling methamphetamine out of the house where her five grandchildren live.

Kathy Avilla, 45, of Kalihi on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, is charged with possession of drugs and paraphernalia – for now.

“Eventually she’ll be arrested for the cases we built upon her, where we actually bought the drugs from her,” Honolulu Police Department Sgt. John Kauwenaole told Hawaiian television station KITV.

Six adults and five children were in Avilla’s daughter’s home when about 25 police raided the apartment early Wednesday morning. All adults, including the daughter, were arrested. Child Protective Services took custody of the children.

“It’s about time. Got to get the rotten apples out,” says Lynne Akana, a family service worker at the Mayor Wright Housing apartments where Avilla’s daughter lives.

But local law enforcement is realistic about the impact the arrest will have on the local drug trade.

“The demand is so huge that someone’s going to step up to the plate, probably next week, and take her place,” says Kauwenaole.