Americans who want to send gifts to military personnel serving in Iraq or Afghanistan this holiday season may want to contact Jack McHugh.

A retired Marine, McHugh has a son serving in Iraq, and he is a man on a mission. McHugh wants to brighten the lives of American service personnel deployed in the Global War on Terror.

His mission began last year during the holidays, but it quickly hit an obstacle. Last year when he tried to ship packages to the troops using the “Any Soldier” address, McHugh quickly learned that the Post Office no longer delivers mail addressed to “Any Soldier” like it did in previous wars. Now, if you want to send a package to a soldier, sailor, Marine, or airman, you have to have that soldier’s name and specific address.

McHugh is now no longer just assembling “CARE” packages for the troops and mailing them into the war zone. He has also compiled a list of names and addresses of deployed Americans, and he shares that list with people who want to send gifts to the troops.

Americans who want to send gifts to the troops this holiday season can join McHugh’s mailing list by contacting him at [email protected]

McHugh says the following items are most in demand in Afghanistan and Iraq: boxes of holiday cards that the troops can send home to their loved ones, snacks, sodas, head lamps, cigars, magazines, books, coffee pots, and coffee. The troops are also requesting candy and small toys that they can give to Iraqi children.

Z-Medica, makers of QuikClot hemostatic agent have helped McHugh publicize his campaign. The company has also donated items to the troops, including packages of QuikClot, toiletries, candy, reading materials, and cigars. In addition, the company’s employees have made up special packages for female military personnel deployed overseas.