Photo via Benchmade.

Photo via Benchmade.

The Benchmade Interdiction Kit is one outstanding tool in the fight to stem the flow of drugs in the United States. By using the included aluminum probes, interdiction officers can safely inspect suspicious packages, stacked cargo, seat upholstery, and suspicious areas within vehicles and structures.

Being a law enforcement officer who has seized drugs in the United States, Kosovo, and Iraq, I can see many applications for the Benchmade Interdiction probes. As you know, good cops have active and innovative imaginations, sometimes to our detriment. But when presented with a unique problem we will use our imaginations and the right tools to solve it. How many times have you said or heard, "What is that back in there?" Well, with these interdiction tools you can reach back in there and extract a sample for a closer look and possible field testing.

The probes can be inserted down into tight areas to check for false bottoms or changes in material texture, or can check for proper depth in the saddle fuel tanks on semi-tractor trailers or other machinery. The medium to large probes can be used to check for hidden objects in loose dirt, sand, or grain being hauled along our interstate highways.

You can insert the smaller probe in the seam of a vehicle seat to check for drugs your furry four-legged partner with bad breath insists are there. This probe will make a very small hole compared to the large knife cut you'd otherwise need to make in a leather seat just to find two seeds.

While working Special Operations in Kosovo as a United Nations police officer, I could have found more contraband, such as ammunition and weapons being hauled in the backs of trucks filled with firewood. While working in Kurdistan, Iraq, in the Iranian Border area I could have better assisted the Asaish (Security in Kurdish) in their fight against terrorists and smugglers. If we'd had these interdiction tools in Kurdistan, I wonder how much faster we would have been in the searching of the donkey trains coming over the mountain passes from Iran to Kurdistan?

The Benchmade Interdiction probe tools should be in every vehicle being assigned for drug trafficking investigation. These tools are currently being used by the U.S. Border Patrol as well as the Oklahoma Board of Narcotics and Dangerous Drug and other advanced law enforcement agencies. The Benchmade Interdiction probes come in a variety of lengths and diameters, ranging in size from 64 inches for model 164 to 18 inches for models 118 and 124. Each probe has a pointed, perforated tip for sample extraction and retention, and threaded construction allows for easy assembly.

The 124/8 BLKH- COMBO is the kit I recommend. It includes the 124 probe, 118 probe, 8BLKH Hook T-handle safety cutter, and the Model 916SBK Triage knife with folding safety cutter. You can also purchase probes individually.

Benchmade Interdiction Kits Specs:

Probes: A variety of lengths and diameters, ranging in size from 64 inches for the model 164 to 18 inches for the models 118 and 124

Combo Kit Contents: 124 probe, 118 probe, 8BLKH Hook T-handle Safety Cutter, and model 916SBK Triage knife

Price: $350 for 124/8 Combo Kit

Clint Thompson is a veteran police officer with expertise in knives and tools used by law enforcement and the U.S. military.