Photo: Scott Smith

Photo: Scott Smith

These days firearms come with numerous pins and firearms-specific screws. The problem is that many of the popular multi-tools carried by law enforcement don't address this. You don't want to carry around all manner of special tools just so you can make adjustments or tear down a weapon. That's why The Gun Tool from Real Avid is such a find.

As the name implies, The Gun Tool is a tool designed for guns. Its parts include a pin punch, a small hook blade knife, common Torx and hex head wrenches, a shotgun choke/size gauge wrench, and a 3/8-inch drive for Philips head and flat blade screwdrivers (two each included). All of this comes packaged in a palm-sized tool.

I have been using the basic Gun Tool; the size of the handle gives you sufficient torque to tighten down scope rings, sights, etc. The knife works well to remove a 1911 thumb safety or open a box of targets. For most issues at the range The Gun Tool has you covered. If you need more sizes of Allen bits, for an extra $10 you can purchase an upgraded version of The GunTool with an additional five bits and an LED light.

What make this a must-have tool are its reasonable purchase price and the fact that it's purpose built for firearms. The Gun Tool would be a good piece to keep in your agency's range bag or your private range bag.

Real Avid The Gun Tool Specs:

Materials: 420 stainless steel and aluminum, molded polymer and black rubber grip

Length Closed: 5 inches

Width: 1¼ inches

Height: 1½ inches

Weight: 8 ounces

Price: $29.99

Scott Smith is a former federal police officer for the Department of Veteran's Affairs who currently serves as a reserve officer.