The Advanced Small Arms Cleaning Kit from M-Pro 7 includes one of the coolest gizmos to arrive on the scene for cleaning firearms: the BoreSnake. This is a simple cord with a brush and cleaning bristles woven into its material. To those of us who avoid cleaning weapons like vampires avoid garlic, the BoreSnake is a blessing. You can clean the bore of most any firearm in less time than it takes to microwave a cup of coffee. I like that: fast and easy.

Parent company Bushnell took the BoreSnake and combined it with M-Pro7's cleaning products, creating a complete cleaning kit for personal, range, or agency use. The kit has traditional cleaning rods, nylon and bronze brushes, bore mops, jags, and bore pads for those times when you need to detail clean your weapons. When your weapon is really crusty you will find the kit even has a dental pick to literally scrape away fouling.

The heart of this system is M-Pro7's cleaner and gun oil LPX. I have used these items for the last couple of years and can tell you they clean the grimiest firearms. You will find these products don't have that lingering "just cleaned the firearms" odor. Some of us may think that makes a good cologne, but many folks prefer to have very little aroma. M-Pro7's firearms care products fall in the latter category.

Having a complete kit to clean your firearms—be it a pistol, carbine, rifle or shotgun—all in one place is great. For something even better, Bushnell teamed up with Leatherman to offer this kit with the MUT if you choose to purchase it. For those who are not familiar with the MUT, this multi-use tool is a must-have if you use an AR for anything; duty, competition, or personal protection.

In the MUT you will find the standard pliers, knife, saw blade, and screwdrivers. What makes this tool perfect for the AR platform of firearms is its Bolt Override Tool (BOT), the hammer head with built-in harness cutter and trailing edge. The BOT is purpose built for opening a stuck bolt with a bolt override jam. It gives you leverage to yank the bolt to the rear instead of hammering the bolt open while holding the charging handle.

On one side of the MUT you will find a threaded hole to attach a cleaning rod from the M Pro7. This gives you a larger handle to operate the cleaning rods, making it easier to clean the dirtiest of ARs. The M-Pro7 Advanced Small Arms Cleaning Kit keeps all of the cleaning gear and MUT close at hand thanks to the MOLLE attachments of both heavy-duty nylon sheaths for the cleaning kit and MUT. This kit will keep your personal or agency AR clean, ready for duty, and in the worst-case scenario will get you back into the fight quickly. The M-Pro7 Advanced Small Arms Cleaning Kit is a piece of gear you, your squad, or agency should have.

M-Pro 7 Advanced Small Arms Cleaning Kit Specs:

• 4-ounce M-Pro 7 gun cleaner

• 2-ounce M-Pro 7 gun oil LPX

• 1 Leatherman MUT (optional)

• 150 Cleaning patches (5.56mm, 7.62mm, 9mm)

• 3 BoreSnakes (5.56mm, 7.62mm, 9mm)

• 3 Phosphor bronze bore brushes (5.56mm, 7.62mm, 9mm)

• 3 Nylon bore brushes (5.56mm, 7.62mm, 9mm)

• 3 Brass jags (5.56mm, 7.62mm, 9mm)

• 1 Chamber mop (5.56mm)

• 1 Lint-free cloth

• 1 Dust brush

• 1 Nylon utility brush

• 1 Dental pick

• 1 T-handle rod

• 1-Ounce empty bottle with lid

• 1 Magnet pad

• 1 MOLLE field pouch

• 1 Lockable plastic case

• 1 Weapon maintenance 7 product guide

Price: $397.95 with M.U.T., $227.95 w/o MUT