A Breakthrough In Forensic Review Has Arrived!

Updated Nov 1, 2023
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BIG NEWS in the world of digital forensics – FTK 8 is here to change the way you perform forensic analysis and review. Long known for its reliable, repeatable, forensically-sound collection and processing, the new FTK features a modern review interface that automatically categorizes and displays data artifacts in plain sight to help you pinpoint key evidence FASTER.

Get an in-depth look at how FTK 8 can give you a crucial head start in any type of investigation, including CSAM, narcotics or fraud cases, as well as internal investigations.

In this webinar you’ll learn how to:
  • Decrease the hours you spend manually digging for the data types you’re interested in.
  • Quickly locate important evidence like images, videos, messages, websites, passwords, and dark web activity.
  • Use comparison timelines to visually identify where to start your investigation.
  • Create automations to reduce manual tasks and get evidence to examiners in half the time.
  • Reduce digital eye strain, improve your concentration, and limit exposure to sensitive content.

Meet the Speaker
Daniel Gugliotta
Daniel Gugliotta

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