The Colorado State Patrol Gained Full Visibility of their Assets By Implementing Asset Management Software

Updated Jun 29, 2023
Law Enforcement Software
The Colorado State Patrolโ€™s (CSP) main mission is to directly support the State Troopers in the form of supplying them with radios, cell phones, and laptops they require for daily operations. As the IT Communications branch of the Colorado State Patrol, they rely heavily on Collective Data to account for all of their radio equipment issued out to Troopers, as well as Port of Entry Officers for the entire state.

In this webinar you will learn:
  • What to look for in an asset management software for your law enforcement agency
  • Best practices for managing your inventory and assets
  • How to streamline your current process to improve your bottom line
  • How The Colorado State Patrol implemented collective Quartermaster to gain full visibility of their assets

Meet the Speaker
Tim Langer
Tim Langer
Director of Sales
Collective Data

Tim has been with Collective Data for five years and has 10+ years of experience working with law enforcement agencies to implement asset management software. With this extensive experience, Tim has seen every inventory management tool in existence which has helped guide Collective Data to build the only inventory management tool designed specifically for law enforcement โ€” collective Quartermaster. Tim is passionate about helping law enforcement agencies better manage their inventory in order to streamline processes, solve complex problems and automate processes to help officers save time and get back to what they do best, keeping our communities safe.

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