Maryland State Police to Carry Beretta’s Px4 Storm

The Maryland State Police has chosen the Beretta Px4 Storm to replace their Beretta 96D pistols. The department will issue 1,065 Px4 Storm D Model pistols in .40 S&W to its officers.

The Maryland State Police has chosen the Beretta Px4 Storm to replace their Beretta 96D pistols. The department will issue 1,065 Px4 Storm D Model pistols in .40 S&W to its officers.

“The Maryland State Police are pleased to continue our long partnership with Beretta by upgrading the pistols our troopers carry to the new Beretta Px4 Storm,” said Colonel Terrence B. Sheridan, superintendent of the Maryland State Police. “After rigorous testing by Maryland State Police experts, the Storm has proven that its simplistic design, safety features, ability to individualize fit, ease of maintenance, and overall dependability make it the firearm ideally suited for use by Maryland State Troopers as they continue to serve and protect the people of our state.”

The Beretta Px4 Storm pistol provides a single solution to pistol fit in a diverse agency setting. The Storm allows each officer to customize his or her pistol based upon hand size and left/right preference with interchangeable back straps and grips, reversible and interchangeable magazine releases and slide catches. Officers also have the ability to shift from an open-carry platform to a concealed carry without any change in the control configuration. Another important element in making the decision to remain with Beretta was the fact that the Px4 Storm’s modularity also provides for quick and safe disassembly without requiring the user or armorer to pull the trigger during disassembly, increasing the overall safety of the handgun.

The Px4 Storm Model D .40 S&W is a double-action-only pistol featuring a spurless hammer and an automatic firing pin block safety with a three-dot sight system coated in Superluminova, a special photo sensitive material that provides luminescence for up to 30 minutes with just a short exposure to any kind of light. An integrated Picatinny rail allows for mission specific use of laser devices and illumination tools. The rotating barrel locking system reduces friction within the barrel, slide, and central block, providing for a smoother operation and greater reliability. The lower barrel axis also reduces felt recoil and minimizes muzzle rise allowing officers to get back on target more quickly.

“The Px4 Storm has been subject to extensive testing by law enforcement and defense agencies in Europe and North America and found to exceed even the most demanding field requirements, including testing that confirmed the Px4 Storm’s ability to fire 10,000 rounds with no defects or malfunctions” said Elio Oliva, vice president of sales and marketing, Law Enforcement and Defense Division, Beretta USA, commented. “We are extremely confident of the durability and reliability of the Px4 Storm under extreme conditions. Law enforcement agencies, including the Maryland State Police, Providence Rhode Island Police Department, Canadian Border Services Agency and over 100 other law enforcement agencies that are now carrying Px4 Storm pistols, look for this level of reliability and performance when selecting a pistol to protect their officers and citizens.”

“Law enforcement agencies are becoming increasingly diverse and the demand for a single pistol solution is more prevalent than ever, “added Christopher Merritt, general manager for Beretta USA, “which is why the Px4 Storm is the perfect modular solution for any agency.”
Jeff Reh, vice general manager and general counsel for Beretta USA also pointed out the safety features that make the Px4 Storm the choice of many law enforcement agencies. “The Px4 Storm was designed from the ground up to become the new standard bearer in law enforcement pistols; in design, fit, function, and, most important, safety.”

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