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All of Spyderco's knives are made to withstand the hard use that comes with duty, and the Rescue 93mm and Rescue Jr. are no different.

Spyderco has proven itself a leader in the world of high-quality pocket/clip-it knives with its one-handed opening knives and signature patented round hole in every blade. Now the company is making a name for itself with its line of rescue knives. All of Spyderco's knives are made to withstand the hard use that comes with duty, and the Rescue 93mm and Rescue Jr. are no different.

Any knife can be used for rescue work, but with drop, spear, or tanto points there is a risk that you could inadvertently further injure a victim that you're trying to cut out of a tough situation by puncturing him or her with the blade. This is why Spyderco's Rescue 93mm and Rescue Jr. feature a rounded or blunt sheepfoot point.

In addition to providing safety with rounded blades, the Rescue 93 and Rescue Jr. are built to withstand a good amount of abuse.

Many other lightweight knives have Zytel handles, but they don't always hold up to harsh use. The handles on Spyderco's Rescue knives are made of fiberglass-reinforced resin, so they'll survive the rigors of the job-no matter how bad a day you're having.

Durable VG10 stainless steel gives each Rescue Knife some serious blade durability. VG10 sharpens fairly easily and holds an edge even when cutting material as tough as heavy hemp rope or seat belt webbing.

On the Rescue 93, the front inch of the blade is not serrated so clean cuts can be made on materials such as tape, tubing, and packaging where serrations may not allow for a quick, smooth cut.

The Rescue line also boasts a unique lock design. There appears to be a scoop running along the top edge of the blade. This crescent shape is an index finger reference to ensure control over the front of the blade-another way to reduce chance of injury to a victim.

Additionally, where the cutting edge of the blade and handle meet is a Choil cutout. This forms a forward finger groove to further aid in controlling the knife. Are there any doubts that victim safety was considered in the design of this knife?

But don't worry; Spyderco has officer safety in mind as well. To reduce the probability of collapsing the knife on your hand when you grip the lever lock on its spine, Spyderco put a cut in the lock called a David Boye indent. It doesn't look like it would be effective, but it works. The crescent takes pressure off the pivot point of the lock, no matter how tightly you grip the handle. Closing the knife is still easily accomplished with a deliberate press of the lock.

Overall, Spyderco Rescue knives perform well and are up to almost any public safety task. The light weight of these knives makes them easy to carry no matter how long the shift or day is. The good news is that you don't need to refinance the house to afford the Rescue 93, $72.95 MSRP, or the Jr., which will set you back $66.95. Both knives will serve you well for many years.

Rescue 93

Blade Length: 35⁄8 inches
Overall Length: 83⁄16 inches
Weight: 2.6 ounces
Blade Material: VG10 stainless steel
Handle Material: Fiberglass-reinforced nylon
Price: $72.95

Scott Smith is a former military policeman and U.S. Army Ranger.

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