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Your duty holster keeps your trusty sidearm close at hand; it can and should be as unique as you are.

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Your sidearm is a vital part of your arsenal as a police officer. You train with it, you care for it, and you come to feel as if it's a part of you and your uniform. But don't discount the importance of your holster in this equation.

Without the holster that best fits both your gun and your personal preferences you can't be as effective on the job. You owe it to yourself to make sure the holster you use on duty meets your needs


The model 806TL leather duty holster is A.E. Nelson's newest. It accommodates most pistols with tactical lights. Featuring all-leather construction, the holster is fully lined, has a sight path, open bottom with a rubber stop, rapid-release thumb break, and a 2.25-inch reinforced belt loop with a deluxe belt lock system. There are several options to choose from, including different belt loop cants; finishes including basket-weave, plain, or Clarino; right- or left-handed models; and color choices of black, cordovan, brown, and natural.

A.E. Nelson also offers off-duty holsters that accommodate pistols with tactical lights. Click here to visit A.E. Nelson online.


The "Blue Line" was developed to meet the demanding requirements of a major U.S. federal agency. The Blue Line Drop Loop 118 is a Nichols-designed holster made of suede-lined cowhide. It features a heavy-duty leather overlay that reinforces the holster at key points.

Because it is fitted with a thumb-break retention strap that is backed up by an adjustable tension screw at the trigger guard, you can choose the speed and retention level that's right for you. Inside is full-length SightStrip patented sight protection.

The "Blue Line" is attached to the 2.25-inch-wide equipment belt with a steel-reinforced leather drop-loop hanger. It is available for most semi-autos. Click here to visit Aker Leather online.


Bianchi's SpeedBreak Holster offers multi-retention that's easy to use, fast to draw (one step), and quick to secure. The contoured KnuckleBreak enables the user to release the thumb break in one smooth downward motion. As the weapon is holstered, the exclusive Auto Retention feature is engaged, and the patented FingerLok internal locking device provides excellent retention.

The SpeedBreak holster's injection-molded jacket slot belt loop with ErgoTek comfort pad adds stability and comfort, while user-adjustable Tension Bars keep the holster securely in place on the belt. The holster features AccuMold trilaminate construction with ballistic outer material and a Coptex polyknit lining. The holster fits up to a 2.25-inch duty belt. A low-ride version is now also available. Click here to visit Bianchi online.


BlackHawk Products Group has created a molded Cordura ballistic nylon duty gear line with great molded looks, built-in Cordura toughness, and a superior ballistic nylon appearance. The Black- Hawk Law Enforcement Duty Gear line incorporates the highly successful SERPA Auto Lock Technology into a Level II duty holster.

The BlackHawk Law Enforcement line of duty gear also features a variety of accessories including double magazine pouches, a handcuff pouch, a flashlight pouch, a latex glove pouch, a radio case, two chemical agent holders, a silent key holder, and baton carriers. Click here to visit Blackhawk Products Group online. [PAGEBREAK]


Boston Leather's Guardian Hi-Ride duty holster for automatics can be made to fit Glock, Smith & Wesson, and other semi-auto weapons. This Level I retention holster rides high for comfort and security.

Made of top-grain leather with a full suede lining to protect a gun's finish, the Guardian retains its shape and strength for years. The rear sight is protected by suede lining and recessed hardware prevents scratching. A steel-reinforced thumb break enhances strength and security.

Options include black or brown color, leather finish in plain or Clarino, and snap finish in black, chrome, or gold. Click here to visit Boston Leather online.


DeSantis' T65 Kydex Tac-Lite Duty Holster is similar to its model T64, except this model accommodates most duty gun belts up to 2.25 inches wide. This model will accommodate guns fitted with the Streamlight M3 or M6 lights only. Made entirely of Kydex, the T65 is an exceptionally light and compact belt holster. Minimal friction between gun and holster, combined with a detent for gun retention, adjustable tensioning, and a thumb break, make this both secure and quick. The T65 incorporates DeSantis' paddle used on model 049. Click here to visit Desantis Holster & Leather Goods online.


T Force D.S. is Don Hume's top-draw security holster. It features a nylon-reinforced over-the-hammer safety strap and the company's low-profile thumb break with a hard-action dot snap. This low-profile thumb break makes it more difficult for an adversary to release the safety strap, but allows the user a smooth, fast release.

The holster has a nylon sight tunnel, a metal-reinforced mid-ride drop loop with locking screw bent to fit the hip, and a polyethylene layer for added rigidity. Leather lined, it has an open bottom, covered trigger guard with a reinforced overlay to keep the mouth of the holster open for easy reholstering.

To draw the weapon, obtain a shooter's grip, activate the low-profile thumb break, and slightly twist the grip of the weapon toward your body and up. This will release the acrylic thermoplastic trigger guard release. With a little practice this security feature becomes fast and smooth. Available in black, finishes are plain, basketweave, and Porvair. Click here to visit Don Hume Leather Goods online.


The K-Force Quantum holster from Gould & Goodrich is designed for a fast, smooth draw. It features an "Anti- Blade" device and adjustable cant. Made to fit auto-pistols, the Quantum fits belts up to 2.25 inches wide and is available in double- or triple-retention models. Finish options include black, black weave, or hi-gloss. Quantum holsters are also available in the Phoenix Nylon line made of black ballistic nylon. Click here to visit Gould & Goodrich Leather online.[PAGEBREAK]


Safariland's newest line of holsters features the company's Automatic Locking System (ALS), a mechanical device that locks into the ejection port. The ALS holsters, built upon the best-selling SLS system, offer Level II-plus retention with a rotating hood to cover the weapon and the ALS device to lock it into the holster. The ALS release is on the top of the holster on the leg side, so it is easily disengaged during a draw.

Completely operable with the thumb, the ALS holster provides a straight up draw and can be elevated to Level III-plus retention by adding the Safariland Sentry accessory to the hood guard. Click her to visit Safariland online.


Stallion Leather's Thoroughbred holster was designed with the help of Richard Nichols. It uses all top-grain leather and is available in black or cordovan colors as well as either smooth or plain leather, bastketweave, or high-gloss finishes. Each holster is molded and customized to fit the gun for which it was designed, ensuring a perfect fit. A patented sight guard ensures smooth draw while protecting sights. A Kydex hanger with rib and tension screws safely secures the holster to the belt, while the reinforced holster mouth and backside wall allow for smooth re-holstering of the firearm.

With a full grip-clear at the knuckle and the web of the shooting hand, the Thoroughbred also utilizes two tension screws to allow adjustment of tension and firmness of the draw. For additional flexibility, the holster design allows for single and double security applications with the use of a snap-on security strap, which can be removed easily and also swiveled out of the way. The Thoroughbred fits a 2.25-inch duty belt.

Click here to visit Stallion Leather online.


Tactical Design Labs now offers two versions of its revolutionary security holster: the Professional Real Performance Duty Holster and the Traditional Soft Cover Holster. The Professional is a unique security holster designed for strength, simplicity, speed, and safety. The "Traditional" Soft Cover Holster offers a slimmer model with a more traditional look, and virtually the same function and benefits.

Both are available in mid- and high-ride belt hangers, as well as the new drop-leg platform, specifically designed to eliminate the problems associated with other thigh rigs.

TDL holsters eliminate the need for snaps, flaps, or straps, and reduce the complexity and incremental steps required by other multi-level holsters. This holster is simple to use and strong, maintaining the highest level of security and safety. With other multi-level holsters, you must index to the holster to release your weapon. The Professional and Traditional Real Performance holsters allow you to index to the weapon and instantly achieve a shooter's grip. Click here to visit Tactical Design Labs online.


Designed for safety and performance, the Ted Blocker swivel duty holsters are leather lined with built-in sight tracks and an adjustable barrel- tension device. The four-inch-wide belt loop is steel reinforced and swivels on a spring steel enhanced shank. The swivel holsters are available in an approximately four- or six-inch drop and can be ordered with either a 90- or 180-degree swivel. Level I or Level II security thumb breaks are available. The swivel holsters have been around for a long time, but they are becoming popular again because of the following reasons.

A swivel holster allows officers to pull the holster onto their laps when in the car. Motorcycle officers like it because it hangs in the proper position when riding. And many claim the swivel holster is more comfortable in any position, especially for those with back pain.

Click here to visit Ted Blocker Holsters online.


Uncle Mike's Kydex Retention Holster with MOLLE Platform is a system that includes both a Cordura MOLLE-compatible platform and a Kydex injection-molded plate.

Utilizing both the plate and the platform together, it allows the officer to mount any Uncle Mike's Kydex holster anywhere it is needed on a MOLLE-compatible system. By dismounting the plate from the platform, any Uncle Mike Law Enforcement holster can be attached to a MOLLE-compatible vest system.

A solid Kydex body is matched to the fully adjustable leg strap and platform used on the Uncle Mike's Dual Retention and Tactical designs. The holster uses a conventional two-screw tensioning system and a molded external thumb break to retain the firearm. Click here to visit Uncle Mike's online.

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