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From foam furniture to electrically charged knives, companies provide innovative solutions for training needs.

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Ammo Safe

A length of yellow plastic called Ammo Safe fits in the chambers of both long guns and semi-auto handguns and protrudes far enough out the muzzle that it can be clearly seen by anyone in the exercise. Experts say that with Ammo Safe securely in place it would be very difficult if not impossible to load a round. The product plugs the chamber and the barrel, but the gun still cycles and it can be holstered. Need FREEInfo? Use #21303.

Crown Gym Mats

A variety of unusual training aids can be found in Crown Gym Mats' Nottaline of realistic-looking foam furniture and objects. The line includes bedroom furniture, office furniture, living room furniture, and now kitchen furniture, as well as objects such as bricks, bottles, and laptop computers.

The Nottaline products are ideal for realistic defensive tactics training scenarios. They are all soft and pliable. They won't break, and they won't break any bones of instructors or students who are hit with them or fall on them. Visit the company's website here for more information.

Dummies Unlimited

Cuff-Man from Dummies Unlimited is a training dummy designed for teaching proper arrest and control techniques without causing injury to a training partner.

Cuff-Man has human features such as flexible joint action in his wrists, elbows, shoulders, knees, and hips. His hands and fingers are made from a flexible yet durable polyurethane compound for a realistic feel while cuffing, and he possesses an extended chin for realistic grappling techniques while ground fighting.

With its back board installed in a provided free standing mount, Cuff-Man can stand on his own at any height. Once it is "standing," arrest and control techniques can be performed on the dummy from either the front or rear. Need FREEInfo? Use #21305.


FIST's black #333 Police Training Suit is capable of receiving blows from real weapons such as batons at full power without endangering the wearer.

The suit can be adapted to your particular training regimen by adding optional items that either attach with Velcro or tie onto the suit, increasing the wearer's protection in that area without loss of mobility. FIST makes optional add-on guards for all major striking areas. Another innovation built into the #333 is the sectional ties that allow the suit to hang and be put on and taken off in one piece instead of section by section.

The suit provides coverage for the chest and back, shoulder and biceps, forearms, groin and butt, thighs, and shins, and comes with a helmet and carry bag. Need FREEInfo? Use #21306.


Training batons are great for performing safe, dynamic baton simulations. With its larger diameter, Monadnock's new AutoLock HG (heavy gauge) offers the traditional feel of a straight baton, but its high-tech AutoLock features mean it performs just like the company's most advanced expandable batons. Its balance and higher kinetic-energy potential produce a bigger bang for your effort. Available in 21- and 22-inch sizes in a black chrome finish, the training baton carries a lifetime repair or replacement guarantee. Need FREEInfo? Use #21307.

RedMan Training Gear (Macho Products)

The RedMan XP Suit offers better protection with more mobility than previous designs. This is made possible by the use of thinner foam and thicker plastic that provide full-body coverage and repetitive strike absorption. Like all RedMan suits, the XP can be disinfected and sanitized after use.

Redman's XP can be fitted with headgear that protects against light contact. The head gear offers a comfortable, secure fit, with an attachable cage and safety glasses for added face protection. Layered coverage protects the wearer's throat, while padded guards protect the shoulders, arms, lower abdomen, thighs, calves, and lower legs. Need FREEInfo? Use #21308.

Ring's Manufacturing

Blue Guns made by Ring's Manufacturing are polyurethane plastic gun replicas that approximate the weight and feel of real firearms during hands-on defensive tactics training. These tools are especially useful for gun retention scenarios, and their bright color ensures that they won't be mistaken for real firearms in a training environment or on the street. Each product is made with strong, impact-resistant polyurethane with steel reinforcement. This prevents bending and flexing while maintaining the detail, handling, and balance of the actual weapons they represent. Ring's now also manufactures other weapon replicas-grenades, knives, radios, distraction devices-all in the familiar blue color. Need FREEInfo? Use #21309.


If you turn on Shocknife's SK-1 training knife, set it on its lowest setting, and run it across your bare arm, it feels like a paper cut. And like a paper cut, it stays with you a little while. Shocknife's training knife uses focused electric energy along its dull training blade. The idea is to do for knife training what sim ammunition has done for force-on-force firearms training, bring a lot more stress to the training environment. When you get hit with the Shocknife, you feel it, even through clothing. Users can set the intensity of the cut simulator to mimic paper cuts, razor slashes, and even knife cuts. Of course, appropriate face guards and pads are recommended. Need FREEInfo? Use #21310.


FX force-on-force marking cartridges, in combination with a simple weapon conversion kit and a line of protective equipment, allow realistic, close-range training scenarios that are safe when conducted under Simunition's guidelines.

Available in six different colors, these patented, reduced-energy, non-lethal cartridges leave a detergent-based, water-soluble color-marking compound. The visible impacts allow accurate assessment of simulated lethality. Simunitions handgun cartridges feature tactical accuracy up to 25 feet. The company's 5.56 mm is tactically accurate with ball cartridges to 100 feet. No special ballistic facilities are required. Need FREEInfo? Use #21311.


TASER International offers a suit specifically for training with the company's TASER simulation cartridge. The suit includes gloves, body, and head protection, all featuring an outer covering of Cordura nylon. The suit allows scenario-based training in which students can fire at dynamic targets.

TASER's Simulation Air Cartridges are self-contained devices that have 21 feet of range but fire non-conductive nylon wire leads and shortened barbs. The non-conductive wire prevents electrical energy from dispersing into the student while the shortened probe prevents penetration of the simulation suit. Note: The TASER is still live and can stun in touch-stun mode without the cartridge.

The cartridge is distinguishable from regular cartridges because it is colored blue. Each is serialized and contains small canisters of compressed and inert nitrogen that fire when the TASER system is deployed. Need FREEInfo? Use #21312.


VirtualBlade's high-visibility chalk provides a marking system that can be applied to any practice training blade. Consistent, non-staining, vivid green marks appear on skin or cloth to make evident the effect of an offensive or defensive technique. The VirtualBlade system often allows more than 10 "cuts" per chalk application, which is necessary for repetitive drills, attack/defend exercises, and multiple attacker scenarios. Need FREEInfo? Use #21313.

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