Police Product Test: Spyderco Tenacious Folding Knife

For 2008 Spyderco Knives introduces the Tenacious. With a foundation of 8Cr13Mov stainless steel, this knife is designed to be durable and dependable.

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For 2008 Spyderco Knives introduces the Tenacious. With a foundation of 8Cr13Mov stainless steel, this knife is designed to be durable and dependable. In addition to its overall toughness, 8Cr13Mov stainless holds an edge well and is corrosion resistant. Skeletonized stainless steel liners reduce the knife's weight without sacrificing strength.

A black G10 grip gives the Tenacious the look and feel of a knife that costs three times as much. Functionally, G10 gives the knife a solid purchase in all conditions without tearing up your pants pocket during carry.

Both ends and sides of the frame are drilled and tapped to allow you to place the clip where you like. You can carry tip-up or tip-down and right- or lefthanded. A large Spyderco Round Hole allows for easier and smoother opening of the knife.

To ensure it's an effective cutting tool, the blade is leaf shaped. For toughness it is flat ground from the spine to the cutting edge. This makes a tough blade that is easily sharpened, whether you choose a plain edge, SpyderEdge, or a combination edge to meet your personal preferences or mission requirements.

Overall, I like the Tenacious. The knife is nearly perfectly sized; it is less than 4.5 inches long and is easily carried in your pants pockets. It stays secured to your pocket even when running or climbing, yet is easily removed when you need it. 

Magnum Boots

Elite Spider Series

Magnum Boots' Elite Spider Series offers virtually anyone who is on their feet for hours at a time a lightweight, comfortable boot.

The Elite Spider is available in a shoe, short boot, or eight-inch boot. Each is built on a running shoe last, not the traditional "boot" last. This means the Spider fits and feels more like your favorite pair of athletic shoes. The pair I have been wearing were comfortable right out of the box. They had that broken-in feeling from the beginning and didn't cause any rubbing or other issues that can cause foot pain. There was no stiff leather that needed to be broken in to make it soft and comfortable.

I have been wearing the 5.0 short boot for quite a while now while cruising the halls of the V.A. Hospital where I work. While it may not match having a foot race down the street with a bad guy or climbing a wall on a SWAT operation, my work day consists of four to six hours of being on my feet on concrete, tile, wet floors, and constantly on the go. I've found the Vibram outsole is truly slip resistant on wet tile and polished concrete floors which tend to be like ice when wet. The Spider's outsole also worked well in the ice and snow that January delivered here in Pennsylvania.

I think these boots will also be great warm weather and summer boots. The Spider's leather and mesh upper combined with the Spider lining allow feet to breathe and stay cool. If you work outdoors on asphalt and concrete in the hot summer sun, these boots will give you some relief from the proverbial hot foot. One thing I will caution you on: these are not waterproof boots. I'd like to see these have a waterproof barrier added, and then they would be practically perfect duty boots.

Overall, Magnum's Elite Spider is a fine boot. It is comfortable and you don't feel like you are wearing concrete blocks on your feet. The Spiders are supportive and when worn for many hours, this helps keep the feet and lower back from aching. Magnum's Elite Spider will serve you well in all but the wettest and coldest of conditions; give them a try for three seasons of the year. Your feet, legs, and back will thank you for wearing the Magnum Elite Spider.

Blade-Tech Industries

WRS Holster

Nearly 15 years ago, upstart company Blade-Tech Industries started manufacturing Kydex holsters. These holsters quickly caught on with members of the fledgling International Defensive Pistol Association because Kydex is virtually weatherproof, can be molded to specific shapes (i.e., pistol), and is flexible, allowing retention screws to be installed to keep your handgun secure. Today Blade-Tech manufactures a wide range of holsters and magazine carriers for concealed carry and duty use.

Last year rumor had it Blade-Tech was developing a retention holster for duty. The WRS Holster is the result. It mimics the draw of a traditional thumb break holster but uses a spring-loaded locking hood. Unlike other hooded restraints the WRS clears the weapon and holster with one short stroke, no modifications required.

The WRS comes with the duty offset and drop shank. This shank places the handgun in position to clear body armor and be readily accessed when worn on a duty belt. The duty offset also positions the holster just below a bomber-length duty coat.

Should you need a thigh rig for tactical operations, Blade-Tech has you covered there, too. The WRS holster is mounted on a drop rig. This gives you an identical holster for duty or raid/ERT operations.

Blade-Tech offers the WRS for most current duty weapons, with more models being added regularly. The holster can be purchased to fit a weapon with or without a weapon-mounted light. Contact Blade-Tech for details on these options as well as holster colors that are available. At present the WRS Duty Holster is available for right-handed users only, but look for a left-handed version in the future. 

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