Police Product Test: Trijicon RedDot

The Trijicon RedDot Sight is designed to be mounted on several of the company's ACOGs, but is also designed to be mounted on a handgun. I know there will be numerous guffaws at the idea of a red-dot sight on a duty handgun. But naysayers were also quick to dismiss the use of red-dot sights on duty ARs a decade ago. Now they're not a novelty but the norm.

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RedDot Sight

The Trijicon RedDot Sight is designed to be mounted on several of the company's ACOGs, but is also designed to be mounted on a handgun. I know there will be numerous guffaws at the idea of a red-dot sight on a duty handgun. But naysayers were also quick to dismiss the use of red-dot sights on duty ARs a decade ago. Now they're not a novelty but the norm.

I know runtime is a major consideration for a duty weapon, and you won't be disappointed in this regard. The Trijicon RedDot is powered by a single lithium "watch" style battery and will run for a year should you not put the "sleeper" cover on the sight. I think a year's runtime should be sufficient for a daily use item.

The Trijicon RedDot is also lightweight and doesn't affect the handling of the handgun. As a matter of fact, like red dots on an AR, the RedDot is fast and easy to acquire. This means faster initial and follow-up shots.

While the RedDot is fast, it is also accurate. The 4MOA dot allows for precise shots under stress and has been proven over and over on the fields of fire of action pistol tournaments. Before discounting this as a proving ground, remember that action pistols first proved the viability of the red dot to the military for use on ARs.

I tested the Trijicon RedDot on a five-inch Springfield Armory Tactical XD9. To mount the sight on this pistol I used a SIG Sauer base (the rear XD dovetail is very close to that of a SIG P series pistol). I found the combination to be accurate, fast, and fun to use. Engaging eight-inch plates at 25 yards was easy and required very few rounds to make the transition from iron sights to this sight.

The Trijicon RedDot will fit into a standard thumb break retention holster, but I doubt the hooded type of systems will clear the display screen. Be sure to verify that your holster will accommodate the Trijicon RedDot should you consider using it for duty. Personally, I think the Trijicon RedDot will be finding its way onto many more duty handguns over the next few years.


Talon Protective Eyewear

Wiley-X has offered shooters, cops, and GIs protective eyewear with interchangeable lenses for more than a decade. The line continues to evolve with tougher and more durable versions year after year. The Talon carries on this heritage.

The Talon is a full shield and comes as a two-lens set with clear and smoke lenses for varying lighting conditions. You can also purchase a prescription insert that can be snapped in and out. This could come in handy if you wear contacts or if you'll be sharing the Talon as "range" glasses.

I found the Talon had another cool feature: the strap. Most glasses straps slide onto the arms of the glasses, which can add bulk that makes for a poor fit. Wiley-X uses a T-lock to secure the strap to the arms. This innovative strap is secure and can be easily removed if you prefer to go without.

I didn't have time to get my prescription lens put in the lens carrier so I let one of my shooting buds wear the Talon. He said they were comfortable and there was no distortion to his field of view when wearing them. The lenses are easily removed and switched and stay secure.

The Wiley-X Talon will protect your eyes on the range or on duty. With the clear lens you can wear the Talon after dark to protect your eyes from flying liquids and hard objects that could blind you temporarily or permanently. Consider the Wiley-X Talon for 24/7 duty wear; it will keep your eyes operating properly for many years to come.


Eagle Industries

RTI Holster Mount System

One thing that all officers use on a daily basis is a holster. Unfortunately it is tough to find a holster that adapts to a number of situations: duty, concealed carry, and tactical use. Eagle Industries and G-Code have developed a line of holsters that will adapt to your needs. Their RTI series allows you to adapt a G-Code holster to all of these uses.

The RTI incorporates a locking wheel that attaches to a belt slide, thigh rig, paddle, or MOLLE attachment while the mount attaches to the holster. The mount slips into the rotating wheel and locks securely in place.

To operate the locking mount, pinch and push the two tabs at the rear wheel. This will open the mount. Once the holster is placed in the mount, slide the tab back and the holster is securely in place. This system allows you to quickly go from a concealed carry holster to a tactical holster and back again should your mission require you to do so.

G-Code holsters are molded Kydex fitted to your specific weapon, so the fit is precise and snug. Holsters can be had with a tension screw or with a paddle activated security device. This provides two levels of retention while allowing a smooth rapid draw of the firearm.

While testing and evaluating the G-Code/Eagle RTI system I found it to be well made and easy to use. This system keeps your sidearm where you need it and allows for a smooth, quick presentation when the sidearm is needed. Since the system is made of Kydex and Cordura, it is virtually impervious to the elements; something that can't be said about leather.

If you are operating on a fixed budget or are an officer who works a variety of details and assignments, check out the G-Code/Eagle Industries RTI system. This innovative holster system will serve you well in the field, on the streets, or on the range.

Buck Knives

Bravo Knife

This year Buck Knives teamed up with designer Brent Beshara to bring the Bravo to the market. Beshara is a former career Canadian soldier who served in units from the infantry to explosive ordinance disposal with assignments taking him all over the globe.

The Bravo Knife uses the Besh Wedge instead of a standard drop or spear point type blade. This gives the Bravo its unique look and symmetry, as well as increased strength. The Wedge keeps the steel of the blade consistent the entire length of the blade, giving the blade more strength than most conventional designs.

While some may laugh at the design, the knife itself is not a joke. The Bravo is designed as a fighting knife, should you need one. The Besh Wedge not only makes the blade strong but gives you a leading edge that will puncture tough materials such as leather and heavy denim winter coats. This is something many "tactical" knives cannot do without destroying the blade.

Another impressive feature of the Bravo is its lock. Most liner lock knives use the liner as part of the lock. While it may seem minor, such design reduces the knife's overall strength. Instead, on the Bravo a separate piece of steel attached to the frame of the knife creates the lock. This design preserves the knife's overall toughness and durability.

While the Bravo can endure harsh use, it also makes short work of cardboard boxes or a sloppy piece of pizza. A clip that can be put on either side of the knife makes it even more user-friendly.

The Buck Bravo is a good looking, highly functional working tool—a rare find these days.

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