SHOT Show 2009: Best of Show

There were law enforcement exhibits in the lobby, in the hallways, in the meeting rooms from one end of the rambling convention center to the other. And they had a lot of great products on display. Here's a look at our favorites from this year's SHOT.

For years now, the law enforcement section of the Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) show has been growing. This January, the LE section was literally growing out the door of the Orange County (Fla.) Convention Center.

There were law enforcement exhibits in the lobby, in the hallways, in the meeting rooms from one end of the rambling convention center to the other. And they had a lot of great products on display.

Here's a look at our favorites from this year's SHOT.

5.11 Tactical

Select Carry Pack

Designed by a European cop for plainclothes and VIP protection duties, the 5.11 Tactical Select Carry Pack looks like a stylish triangular backpack. But when you flip it around and unzip the main compartment, a subgun is at your finger tips and an identifying panel that says "Police" deploys. Unzip the secondary compartment and your handgun is ready to go. The pack features MOLLE attachments for securing magazines and gear. It can even accommodate a ballistic panel. A larger version for small M4s is in development.

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Identa Kit

The Accutest Identa system from Jant Pharmacal is one of the easiest to use drug and explosives identification tools on the market. The company says the system is extremely accurate and inexpensive compared to other similar products. It detects trace amounts in seconds and disposal is simple and environmentally safe. The explosives kit can identify TNT/PETN, RDX/Nitrate, TATP, and more. The drug kit includes tests for cocaine/crack, heroin, marijuana, ecstasy, LSD, methamphetamine, and many more.

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ALS Technologies

Tactical Blast Strip

Flat and almost as flexible as a piece of corrugated cardboard, ALS Technologies' Tactical Blast Strip is an electronically detonated distraction device that can be easily inserted under most doors. This innovative flash-bang produces a stunning 175 decibels of noise. Care should be taken to ensure that this device is not deployed within five feet from subjects.

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Triad Elite 2

ASP showed its latest Triad LED flashlight, the Triad Elite 2. Featuring Cree high-intensity LEDs, the Triad Elite 2 has a foamed vinyl grip and a three-position switch. The rotary tail cap switch can be locked in the off mode, the constant-on mode, or in intermittent mode. Each light has an individual serial number.

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Avon Protection

NH15 Escape Hood

This mask is ideal for evacuating non-sworn personnel or other civilians from a CBRN event. It does not need to be fitted and it will buy the wearer 15 minutes of survival during a gas or bio attack.

It has a five-year shelf life, and the filters do not need to be maintained since they are self contained and sealed with the mask. The mask will accommodate users who wear glasses because of the give in the neck band, yet will give an airtight seal for a small statured person or child.

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Covert Carry Messenger Bag

BlackHawk's Covert Carry Messenger Bag looks like a messenger's bag or over-the-shoulder carry bag used by students, business people, and messengers. The difference is this bag is designed to support law enforcement's needs on and off duty.

The Covert Carry is built to tote your laptop and your handgun, magazines, and other support gear. The strap encloses the bag for security and strength and there is a removable waist belt for added security and stability when moving or in hazardous environments.

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Breaching Technologies Inc. (BTI)

Explosive Breaching Doors

BTI debuted several breaching doors and tools at SHOT this year. But we were most impressed by its new Explosive Breaching Doors made of virtually indestructible HDPE skin. The doors allow officers to conduct training involving the placement of charges and entry tactics without repeatedly blowing up real doors.

With the Strip/Lock Explosive Door, training charges can be placed on the lock plate and along the strip plate, whereas with the Lock Explosive Door, training charges can only be placed on the lock plate. Both models can be installed in a structure such as a live-fire house or used with an optional Free Standing Leg Kit.

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DTX Pistol

Detonics CEO Bruce Siddle has spent decades studying how the human body reacts in combat. His love of firearms led him to acquire gun manufacturer Detonics; his interest in "combat human factors" led him to spur the development of the DTX. The DTX is the first handgun designed to work with the natural tendencies of people under combat stress and improves point shooting performance. In addition, the DTX has oversized controls to make it easier to use under stress. The DTX will be available in 9mm and .40 S&W.

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XPS3 Sight

The new XPS3 is the shortest EoTech holographic sight available, and that gives the user more room on his or her rifle rails for optic enhancers and other accessories. The XPS offers three reticle options. It runs on a single CR-123 battery, which gives it almost three times as much runtime as the N-cell EoTech sights. The XPS3 has night vision compatibility. The XPS2 is the non-night vision version.

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First Choice Armor

Locator Vest

When impacted, First Choice Armor's new ballistic vest system transmits the wearer's exact location, identity, and vital signs to a dispatcher or main server. This is by far one of the coolest items we saw on the show floor—because of its usefulness and its inherent wow factor. A membrane around the ballistic package transmits a code if it breaks under force from a bullet or other trauma, alerting dispatchers and plotting the incident location on a map for fast response to the scene.

This technology, developed by Portman Security System, uses GPS and GSM wireless communication to transmit the information automatically. Any ballistic vest can be retrofitted with this system.

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Freemotion 100

Answering user demand for a smaller ear-worn communications system, Freelinc has developed the Freemotion 100. The new system is one-third the size and half the weight of the current Freelinc system. The magnetic induction earpiece receives and transmits, has push-to-talk, provides noise cancellation, and offers 18 hours of talk time. The Freemotion 100 is expected to be available by summer.

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Refined Pistols

Glock is promoting updated versions of its G22 and short frame versions of the G20 and G29. The new Glock 22 offers the RTF2 frame and slide option with deep serrations on the slide to make it easier to rack under stress or when wearing gloves. In addition, the grip has raised polymer spikes for greater stability in the shooter's hand. The new short frame G20 and G22 offer 10mm power to shooters with smaller hands.

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AR15/M16 Grip Storage

Hogue's AR grip is not only more comfortable to use than the standard grip, it offers a storage compartment for stuff the operator needs in the field. The watertight compartment can hold three 123A batteries, two AA batteries, coin-style batteries, a variety of cleaning kits, or a Samson tool kit.

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RFB Rifle

Chambered in 7.62mm NATO, the Kel-Tec RFB (Rifle Forward-Ejection Bullpup) is a compact—26 inches long in carbine format—but powerful rifle. The gas-operated semi-automatic features fully ambidextrous controls and a Picatinny rail (no iron sights are provided).

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Tactical Rifle

The newest version of the Kimber Tactical Rifle is chambered for the powerful .300 Winchester Magnum round.

The hand-built Model 8400 Police Tactical rifle features a match grade barrel, chamber, and trigger, a 20 MOA rail, and an extended bolt handle. It can be ordered with a premium accessory kit that includes a Leupold scope, rings, and a bipod.

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Patriot 3

Segway Shield

In recent years, the Segway people transporter has become a staple of law enforcement operations in airports, schools, and at public events. But the vehicle offers no protection to officers operating it. Now Patriot 3 has a solution.

The Virginia-based company has developed an NIJ Level IIIA ballistic shield that fits the Segway. The lightweight—eight pounds—shield does not affect the performance of the vehicle, and it can be removed and used as a handheld shield when needed, for example during an active shooter incident.

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Point Blank

ThorShield Gloves

To complement its ThorShield ballistic vests, Point Blank debuted gloves with the same properties at the SHOT Show. ThorShield Police Duty Gloves are constructed from durable, soft cowhide leather engineered with a patented, ultra-thin conductive material lining that protects officers from being incapacitated by electroshock weapons.

At the booth, ThorShield creators Greg Schultz and Greg Williams cautioned wearers to remember that these gloves protect against electroshock weapons, not electricity itself. So keep in mind their intended use when you are tempted to use them to scale an electric fence or touch a live electrical wire—not a good idea.

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Lightweight Tactical Trousers

Propper's new lightweight tactical trousers have a variety of features that make them suitable for training, operational, and even off-duty wear. They have the usual collection of cargo pockets for carrying magazines, flashlights, and other gear. They also have a wallet pocket and a cell phone pocket. Coated with DuPont Teflon, the trousers repel liquids and resist stains. The trousers come in black, olive, LAPD navy, gray, khaki, and coyote. Propper is now including a tactical nylon duty belt free with purchase of the lightweight tactical trousers.

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LCR Revolver

In the past few years, Ruger has been making a concerted effort to build a variety of handguns suitable for law enforcement applications. The company's new LCR (lightweight compact revolver) is a nifty personal defense gun that would make an excellent backup weapon. Chambered in .38 Special, the five-shot LCR weighs just 13.5 ounces, yet the company says it is easy to shoot with very manageable recoil.

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Smith & Wesson

M&P 15 MOE

The heart of the M&P 15 MOE is the M&P 15, boasting a 16-inch barrel with a one-in-nine-inch twist. Smith & Wesson calls this rifle the MOE because it features a Magpul MOE stock, forearm, and pistol grip. The M4-styled flat top receiver has a Magpul backup sight. The result is a no frills rifle built for duty. The M&P 15 MOE looks good and feels good. It handles like an AR-15 and holds all the bells and whistles.

Unlike ARs that are festooned with every conceivable toy, this rifle is a trim 6.5 pounds. This is what ARs and M16s of old weighed, and they are a lot easier to carry on a post for hours at a time than the Buck Rogers versions of ARs that are so common today. The M&P 15 MOE is built with the minimalist in mind, so it's ideal for somebody who appreciates the most important thing a duty weapon can offer: a weapon that goes bang every time the trigger is pulled.

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Tactical Lights

For many years Streamlight has been making lights for duty and off-duty use. Most of these have been machined aluminum. This year Streamlight is offering its first 6-volt, two CR123A powered polymer lights. The Polytac is an LED light that weighs a scant 4.1 ounces with an output of 120 Lumens or 4800 candela. Streamlight's other major innovation for 2009 is the TLR-3.

This is the mighty mite of Streamlight weapons lights. The 2.71-inch light is designed for the Springfield XD compact series, but with mounting adapters will fit 1911s, Berettas, Glocks, and Smith & Wesson M&Ps. The TLR-3 has a maximum output of 90 lumens or 4100 candela. This light can easily be carried in a pocket for officers in plainclothes or off duty, making it easy for you to always have a light for your weapon.

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Shot Timer App

One of the coolest new trends at this year's SHOT Show was the development of iPhone and iPod Touch applications for shooters. SureFire introduced a lot of cool stuff at the Show, including new lights and pens, but its new Shot Timer Application is probably the best free tool available for serious shooters. All you have to do to get it is go to iTunes, search SureFire, and download this puppy into your iPhone or iPod Touch. The application turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a shot timer that displays elapsed time and splits.

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SWAT Tourniquet


The "SWAT" in SWAT-Tourniquet is an acronym for stretch, wrap, and tuck. The SWAT-T is a latex-free, easy-to-apply, reusable tourniquet designed for use by military and law enforcement personnel.

The SWAT-T allows application higher into the groin and axilla than other tourniquets. It's also lightweight—one-third the weight of other comparable products—and inexpensive. The company says it has a shelf life of three years.

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24-7 Tactical Shirt

The 24-7 Tactical Shirt is an ideal complement to Tru-Spec's 24-7 trousers. Available in long-sleeve and short-sleeve versions, the 24-7 Tactical Shirts are made of 65/35 poly-cotton ripstop and feature bellowed pockets with Velcro closures, hidden accessory pockets, and bi-swing backs for ease of movement. The long-sleeve shirts have articulated elbows for comfort in action. The shirts come in black, navy, olive drab, khaki, and coyote.

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Tactical & Survival Specialties

Water Safety System

In a natural disaster or after a terrorist attack, acquiring safe drinking water for public safety personnel and civilians can be a major problem. Consider what happened in New Orleans after Katrina had flooded the city. Tactical & Survival Specialties Inc. (TSSI) has teamed with Sawyer to develop water filtration systems for just such purposes.

The Sawyer Water Treatment Filter has a flow rate of 40 PSI and can filter out protozoa, bacteria, and viruses, including E. coli and cholera. Bucket models can process 150 gallons of water per day.

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Green Laser Sights

Viridian green laser sights are so bright that they can be used indoors and outdoors and in daylight, low-light, or totally dark conditions. They also feature SmartLaser technology that Viridian developed with the help of a SWAT team. The SmartLaser system allows shooters to use one of four settings on their sights: constant beam, low-speed pulse, medium-speed pulse, and high-speed pulse. This lets team members distinguish their beams during tactical operations. The sights are available for a variety of handguns made by Glock, Walther, Taurus, Ruger, Springfield, and Smith & Wesson.

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