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Expand your shooting range's capabilities with target systems that simulate human movements and improve training.

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Action Target

Action Target's Track Runner heavy-duty track-mounted moving target system is designed for more permanent range installations. Unlike portable systems where the target is suspended from a steel cable, targets used with the Track Runner are mounted to a trolley that runs on a special track mounted close to the ground. This approach is ideal for realistic tactical applications because the target can move to different locations, change speed and direction, and dart in and out of cover.

For systems used on the ground, the track simply rests on a series of sturdy feet attached at each track connection point. It can also be mounted to the side of a wall or above the target line. A single multi-purpose bracket on the system's trolley provides a uniform interface with Action Target's full line of portable targets.


The Touch Plus Target Retrieval System from Mancom utilizes local control screens at each shooting position and a master control room screen, variable speed drives, bullet resistant carriers with optional lighting, and heavy-duty tracks.

Mancom's Target Retrieval System features 360-degree turning, random edging target carriers with on board dual lighting. Touch Plus Control Screens (master and local) allow you to control the range and program up to 100 training scenarios that can be used across the entire range or at specified shooting locations without the use of a computer, keyboard, or mouse. Mancom's Touch Plus Control System will interface with lighting and HVAC control systems to provide total range control from the Touch Screen. For even greater flexibility, a handheld remote control unit can be used to activate the target system.


Meggitt's RTS-360 Target System is a dynamic turning target system designed to improve live fire training through unpredictable, fast-action target presentation to the shooter. The system can be programmed to randomly turn the target holder to the left or right in increments up to 360 degrees or present a complete, unexpected turn at the direction of programmable software. Each lane of targets can be programmed to turn autonomously or simultaneously. This is a significant change from the standard target retrieval systems with which trainees can anticipate target movement to the point where training value deteriorates.

An overhead steel track provides a stable platform for fast turning target presentation. Omni-Stop allows the target carrier to be positioned at virtually any location along the track. The range operator can select the desired target position in one-foot, one-yard, or one-meter increments and move the target carrier to that location by entering key commands on the controller.

Porta Target

Porta Target's Permanent Running Man is an electric target system that can be custom designed for your agency's specifications. The rail can be made any length. In fact, all of the dimensions are customizable. Two target carriers travel along a four-inch aluminum H-beam on four-inch solid steel V-groove wheels. On one end of the rail, four greaseable pillow-block bearing assemblies reduce friction, and shock absorbers on both ends cushion any over-run. The target system bolts to a concrete slab at least one-foot wide running the length of the rail. Porta Target handles the installation and provides directions for correctly erecting a ballistic barrier.

A handheld controller operates both the permanent and portable versions of the Running Man system. It connects the target to the motor drive, delivering forward, reverse, variable-speed, and dynamic braking with the turn of a dial. All Porta Target ranges offer pneumatic turning, pop-up, and running man targets.

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