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Here's a selection of holsters and holders to safely and comfortably carry your necessary gear close at hand.

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Whether you prefer leather or polymer, plain or basketweave, double or triple retention, there's a holster out there to meet your needs. Here's a selection of holsters and holders to safely and comfortably carry your necessary gear close at hand.

5.11 Tactical

5.11 Tactical's ThumbDrive Level 2 Holster includes an exclusive thumb-activated release that secures a duty weapon and provides an extra level of officer security. 5.11's Chop-Block included attachment helps prevent others from accessing your firearm. The holster's proprietary slick-surface polymer won't wear the finish of a duty pistol and retains its shape in temperatures above 300 degrees Fahrenheit, yet remains stable in low temperatures and offers superior impact strength. The ThumbDrive Holster includes a belt slide (fits up to 2.25 inches) and paddle and is available in right- and left-handed versions for the Glock 17/22, 19/23 and 34/35, with more styles to follow in the fall. 

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Blackhawk's SERPA Auto Lock Duty Level 3 retention holster uses your natural drawing motion to release the weapon. When you re-holster, the SERPA Auto Lock System provides immediate security to increase officer safety. The holster is strengthened by injection-molded carbon fiber composite construction, yet it is light in weight. Your weapon will stay secure because there are no snaps or hoods that will accidentally open. You can use the same drawing technique for undercover, tactical, and duty assignments. This holster can be used with BlackHawk's new SERPA Quick Disconnect System to switch among duty, concealed, and tactical carry.

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Designed for domestic and foreign operations where maximum firepower needs to be discreetly carried, the DSD from DeSantis allows the user to carry a sub-machine gun and two full-sized magazines undetected and leave both hands free. The rig features a "quick-detach" system that allows for rapid disengagement of the weapon from the rig if an extended incident engagement occurs. The rig is easily concealed under a mid-length jacket. It's mainly made from heavy-duty Mil-Spec nylon webbing and is built to be comfortable and durable. It will work with most sub-machine guns and is equipped with a magazine pouch for either 9mm or .223 caliber ammunition. 

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Don Hume

With the aid of Don Hume's HRTL (hidden retention trigger lock) locking device, the company's Jacket Slot Style Level 2 Security holster automatically secures a gun as it's re-holstered. A retention lock enters the trigger guard so the gun will rest safe and secure. To activate simply release the low-profile thumb break and continue moving thumb downward to release the secondary trigger guard release. With a shooter's grip, simply lift the gun straight up. To re-holster, insert gun, and push down to be sure the trigger guard lock is in place, securing the gun. A thumb break snap provides extra security. 

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Fobus Holster's new Evolution Series Holster for the new Taurus 709 Slim (PPS) utilizes the proven Fobus passive retention system that secures the pistol while allowing instant presentation, without the need to disengage mechanical securing devices. Evolution Series upgrades such as an adjustable retention screw, one-piece holster body construction, steel-reinforced rivet attachment system, and a protective sight channel have been incorporated. The Taurus 709 Slim Evolution Holster is available in right-hand paddle (PPS), belt (PPSBH), Roto-paddle (PPSRP), Roto-belt 1.75 inches (PPSRB), and roto duty belt 2.25 inches (PPSDB). 

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The professional-grade inside-the-waistband N3 holster is the third evolution in Galco's NSA design series. The offset belt loop offers an extremely flat profile and excellent stability, while the reinforced mouth allows a smooth and easy return to the holster after the draw. A raised sweat guard protects the pistol from corrosive perspiration and also protects your skin from hard steel. Constructed of premium saddle leather, the N3 is available in black and fits belts up to 1.5 inches wide.

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Gould & Goodrich

The model 391 holster from Gould & Goodrich offers a fast, smooth draw and a new patented retention system that gives you the option to deploy the strap release lever and change your holster's status from triple retention to double retention. Or press the thumb slide for a synthesized release of the strap and internal retention device. The model 391 is constructed of high-grade, durable black Kydex and solid stainless steel for maximum durability. The holster's outer shell resists scuffing and a sueded liner protects your gun's finish. The holster offers a rear sight pocket and front sight channel. Multiple finishes are available in right- or left-hand versions. 

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Safariland's new slimline-style magazine pouch models are designed to carry the magazines on their edge to save space on crowded duty belts. Offered in both open-top and covered models, these pouches feature both vertical and horizontal belt slots for versatile wear on 2.25-inch equipment belts. A magazine tension screw located between the two pouches allows for easy magazine retention adjustment. The entire line of Slimline Magazine Pouches are constructed of durable Safari-Laminate and are available in a wide variety of scuff-resistant finishes, including plain black, basket weave, hi-gloss, and STX tactical finishes, as well as nylon-look, FDE brown, and foliage green. 

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Tuff Products

Tuff Products' Double Duty Mag Pouch allows the user to carry needed gear behind the handgun magazine pouch. Current offerings include mag pouches that hold one AR-15 magazine and mag pouches that hold a TASER X26. The specially designed mag pouch has a custom space between the pouch and duty belt where the needed item is held firmly in place. The pouch can be worn horizontally or vertically, is ambidextrous, and allows the user to maintain learned muscle memory. The Double Duty Magazine Pouch is made in several sizes available in basketweave, plain (TuffSkin), and 1,680-denier nylon.  

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Uncle Mike's

Uncle Mike's Law Enforcement's Fitted Pistol Magazine Cases are reinforced for long-lasting durability. All of the company's magazine cases feature hardened inserts that provide rigidity and maximum protection to all sides, plus the top and bottom. There is a separate compartment for each magazine, as well as a separate internal retention device for each. The soft-molded belt loop receives belts up to 2.25 inches wide. Flap models also have padded, reinforced flaps with knit lining to cover and protect magazines and a nylon stiffener in the flaps that makes them easier to open and helps them keep their shape after continued use.

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