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These 10 companies provide targets and targeting systems for law enforcement officers.

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Qualification Targets

Qualification Targets Inc. provides specialized training targets and accessories to the U.S. Military and federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. Choose from hundreds of federal and custom training targets, as well as the company's custom designed turning target system, "The Professional." Whether it's a single Professional operating on a single wireless remote or multiple Professionals with separate controls, this system gives you total flexibility. This is the master unit that provides full shoot/don't shoot capabilities and a 180-degree range of motion to give two-target exposure in a single stand.

Action Target

Action Target's Track Runner heavy-duty track-mounted moving target system is designed for more permanent range installations. Unlike portable systems where the target is suspended from a steel cable, targets used with the Track Runner are mounted to a trolley that runs on a special track mounted close to the ground. This approach is ideal for realistic tactical applications because the target can move to different locations, change speed and direction, and dart in and out of cover.

Arntzen Corp.

Arntzen Corp.'s alloy steel targets are ideal for training, practice, or matches. The company's steel gong model 9115 AR500 target hangs from a stand and rings when you hit it. The full-size IPSC plate measures 3/8 x 17.25 x 29.5 inches and weighs 46 pounds. Arntzen's portable folding stand sets up quickly without tools; just hook the target on the top of the stand. You can adjust the angle at which the target hangs so you can direct the lead spatter to the ground. You can set them up and shoot all day without maintenance.[PAGEBREAK]

LaRue Tactical

LaRue Sniper Targets are specifically designed for military and law enforcement sniper training, but are also well suited to shotgun and handgun courses. They are battery powered, portable, and battle tough. The target automatically resets 1,800 times between charges and is timed to reset in nine seconds, then shut off, saving power and leaving it field ready. Weighing 72 pounds total, the 3/8-inch-thick self-contained target requires no assembly. It withstands .223 and .308 rounds and is weatherproof.

Law Enforcement Targets

Law Enforcement Targets has recently introduced a new line of targets focused on home invasion.  The Home Invasion series of targets is designed with the first responder in mind. Each scenario draws you into the event testing marksmanship skills and the decision-making process. Targets are full color and 22 x 34 inches in size.

Meggit Training Systems

Meggitt Training Systems' XWT is the industry's first wireless, 360-degree turning target retrieval system, according to the company. The XWT moves along the rail via an internal, variable speed, DC motor drive system, eliminating the need to replace and adjust cables and pulleys. The system is operated via wireless communication through a user-friendly, touch-screen controller.

Moto Shot

MotoShot Moving Target Systems are specifically designed to advance your training to the next level with remotely operated, battery powered, highly mobile and very realistic portable moving target systems.  MotoShot is available in 2 and 4 AWD base models with optional hit reactive upgrades and can be used on all types of terrain.[PAGEBREAK]

Officer Under Fire

Officer Under Fire's Perpetrator Shooting Target is human-like in movement and tactics, and it shoots back. This 3D target body has a movable arm that allows shoot/don't shoot scenario firearms training, and the armored base fires rubber bullets while simultaneously video recording on the range. 360-degree movement and the Perpetrator's "tactical" side-stepping attack slice the pie while accurately shooting trainees.

Savage Range Systems

The KMA Overhead Target Retrieval System is designed to provide the shooter with a controllable, smooth and easy retrieval system. This "plug and play" modular system is easy to install and maintain-only a few tools required. The modular design accommodates any length of range, with lighting that rides the track with the target. Powered by a standard 115/230V outlet, with low wattage LED lighting, the target system runs a self-diagnostic at start-up, uses dual optical sensors for distance control, and allows for programmable stopping points.

Target Industries

Target Industries' Flip-n-Targets are easy to transport and use. They come in three sizes: Qualifier, Pro, and Sportsman. The design of these folding wooden target stands allows for quick and easy set-up, not to mention the benefit of minimizing the space needed for storage and travel. The stand allows for set-up on uneven ground and does well in the wind thanks to adjustable legs.

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