Less-Lethal Tools

These options provide officers with many ways to respond with less-lethal force.

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Amtec Less-Lethal Systems TRMR-LE Training Flash-Bang

M Amtec

Amtec Less Lethal's TRMR-LE is a reloadable diversionary device and stress inoculation training aid. The twist-to-arm training flash-bang device has an output of 172 decibels with 1.2 PSI overpressure measured at 5 feet. It is engineered to be reloaded up to 250 times. The device does not require special ATF approval and uses the ALS1208 cartridge, which has no special storage requirements. www.lesslethal.com

Axon TASER X2 and TASER X26P

M Axon Taser X2

Axon's TASER X2 features dual lasers, cross-connect, and a more accurate smart cartridge. This two-shot option was developed with agencies' most requested features in mind, and includes features such as a backup shot and a warning arc. The TASER X26P is Axon's smallest and most compact smart weapon, with a larger ergonomically designed handle. Similar to previous generations of TASER weapons, the TASER X26P is a single-shot device that does not require replacing inventories of cartridges. www.axon.com

Combined Tactical Systems CTS Flash-Bang

M Cts

Combined Tactical Systems' Model 7290 Flash-Bang is engineered to provide versatility and functionality while maintaining a high degree of safety. The Model 7290 produces an explosive report and a brilliant flash. Energy is released radially and equally through top and base ports at an angle of 15 degrees off the vertical axis. The balanced output is designed to ensure that the device does not become a dangerous projectile. www.tssi-ops.com

Defense Technology 40mm Blunt Impact Projectile Collapsible Gel Rounds

M Defense

Defense Technology, a brand of The Safariland Group, has announced the release of its 40mm Blunt Impact Projectile (BIP) Collapsible Gel Rounds. This BIP round's collapsible gel nose technology is designed to enable the projectile to engage the target with higher kinetic energy across the operational range, while remaining less lethal at the minimum engagement range. The 40mm BIP projectiles have payload options of OC, CS, inert powder, marking liquid, or marking powder. www.defense-technology.com

FN America FN 303 Launcher

M Fn

The FN 303 Less Lethal Launcher is constructed from durable lightweight polymer with comfortable ergonomics and an easy-to-operate safety. It is equipped with both flip-up iron sights and an integrated MIL-STD-1913 top mounting rail. The lightweight polymer magazine holds 15 projectiles and offers a clear rear cover to allow the operator to instantly verify both the payload type and the number of projectiles remaining. www.fnamerica.com

Mace Tactical Solutions Take Down Extreme

M Mace Tactical Solutions

The Pepper Gel formula used in Mace Tactical Solutions' Take Down Extreme line is designed to outperform conventional pepper sprays by delivering the extreme stopping power of a 1.4% capsaicinoids concentration suspended in a gel that sticks on contact and minimizes cross-contamination, making it ideal for use indoors or in windy conditions. The nonflammable formula will not ignite with stun guns or similar electronic devices, according to the company. www.macetactical.com

Mission Less Lethal Mission MLR / MLR-FA

M Mission Ll Mlr1

The Mission MLR and MLR-FA compressed air launchers from Mission Less Lethal are made to provide up to 200 shots per fill. The patented air-powered feed system indexes the next projectile into the firing chamber with each shot, for continuous feed rates of up to 15 rounds per second. An easy-twist on/off valve is designed to allow launchers to be reliably deployed within seconds. Both the MLR and MLR-FA are 100% mechanical. www.missionlesslethal.com

Monadnock PR-24 Control Baton

M Monadnock

Monadnock's PR-24 side-handle baton is made to offer maximum protection. It is the most field-tested baton for blocking, controlling, and striking, according to the company. This fixed-length rigid polycarbonate baton is designed for close-quarter confrontations, and the grenade-style grip with Trumbull Stop helps keep the baton in your hand and increases baton retention and subject-control holds. Made in the USA with a limited lifetime guarantee. www.safariland.com

PepperBall VKS Less-Lethal System

M Pepper Ball

PepperBall's less-lethal system called "VKS," for "Variable Kinetic Speed," provides multi-mission capability and variable payloads in a single M4-styled platform. The company says projectiles deployed with the VKS have a variable kinetic impact of between 13 and 30 Joules. Target accuracy is 120 feet, utilizing PepperBall's patented VXR fin-stabilized projectiles, with area saturation available to over 200 feet. The VKS comes standard with a Picatinny rail mount. www.pepperball.com

Sabre Crossfire Gel

M Sabre Red

Featuring Sabre Crossfire technology, the Sabre Red 1.33% MC, 3-ounce, MK-4 Crossfire Gel maximizes target acquisition by deploying from any angle or orientation. The MK-4 Crossfire gel deploys 13 full one-second bursts at a range of 15 to 20 feet. Gel greatly reduces cross-contamination by not allowing the formula to atomize into the air, and gel is least affected by wind. www.sabrered.com

Sage Ace Launcher

M Sage

The Sage 37mm and 40mm Ace is a single-shot tactical launcher capable of firing a wide range of less-lethal munitions. The Sage Ace is perfectly suited for patrol, SWAT, or mobile field force operations. It is designed to be affordable and simple to operate. The Sage ACE 40mm launcher accepts all types of 40x46 NATO compatible less-lethal ammunition. The optional sight/quad-rail kit will also accept a wide array of enhanced optics/sighting systems. www.sageinternationalltd.com

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