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Keep your weapons and more secure with these storage solutions.

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Keep your weapons and more secure with these storage solutions.


Argos Security Weapon Storage Cabinets

Argos Security offers secure Weapon Storage Cabinets with single- or double-hinged doors. Cabinets are constructed of heavy-duty steel and include a powder-coated finish. Cabinet clearance permits full access to stored weapons, and a ventilated pattern provides visual inventory. Cabinets are available in a variety of heights, and taller models can accommodate two rows of stacked weapons. Security includes a 3-point or 5-point locking mechanism with keyed lock or padlock hasp. argosweaponstorage.com/weapon-cabinets


Blackhawk Foundation Rifle Case

The new Foundation Rifle Case from Blackhawk features a utilitarian design that is made for customization. The exterior features a laser-cut grid and loop panel for attaching myriad accessories. More accessories can be attached to the padded interior, thanks to several rows of loop-lined MOLLE webbing. Four movable hook-and-loop straps secure the firearm. The reinforced, padded compartment protects the firearms during transit and resists dust and debris when open. Available in three sizes. https://www.blackhawk.com/


CaseCruzer Mini 2N2 Universal GunPod

For gun-carrying made simple, the CaseCruzer Mini 2N2 GunPod is designed as the ideal handgun and rifle case. It accommodates up to two rifles (up to 35" in length) and two handguns (maximum length of 9.25") along with an accessory compartment that holds six handgun magazines. Made to be dust-, air-, and watertight, the Mini 2N2 GunPod is proudly made in the USA. This safe weaponry solution comes with an unconditional lifetime warranty. https://casecruzer.com/guncruzer/mini-2n2-gun-cases.html


Estes AWS SUV Rapid Access Weapon Locker 2.0

Estes AWS's latest product is the SUV Rapid Access Weapon Locker 2.0. This newly designed product becomes available in December 2018. This new weapon locker has the same security, durability, and patented opening technology as the original Rapid Access Weapon Lockers, but this innovative model has a few key differences: more affordable price, powder-coated design, solid front drawer face, and made for SUVs only (the original SUV Locker could transfer to a sedan). www.estesaws.com


Go Industries Safe Boxes

Go Industries makes an entire line of Safe Boxes. This particular Safe Box is a single level with Accuride slides that can hold up to 350 pounds. It's the perfect solution for securing entry gear in addition to weapons, etc. Each box comes with a divider and is constructed of 16-gauge steel; these are built to last. The drawer has a "T" handle with lock and comes in a black powder coat finish. Other configurations and levels are available. Proudly made in the USA in Texas. www.goindustries.com


Go Rhino False Floor

The Go Rhino Patent Pending False Floor features a space-saving construction that replaces the OEM floor and allows for firearms and electronics to be mounted or stored out of sight in a safe environment. The Go Rhino False Floor and its accompanying equipment security boxes are compatible only with the Ford Interceptor Utility vehicle. https://publicsafety.gorhino.com/c-1389531-false-floors.html


Jotto Desk ZRT AR Secure Dual Gun Rack

In an age of increased weapon theft, police cars are now a target. Jotto Desk's patented ZRT AR Secure Gun Rack, featuring SmartLok Technology, is designed to provide the ultimate in weapon security, accessibility, quick installation, and standard features only available from Jotto Desk for the police equipment industry. The ZRT lock heads are constructed of Zinc so they cannot be defeated with a magnet. The SmartLok Technology eliminates the threat from "hotwiring" and the rubber dipped AR secure housing prevents those looking to utilize the takedown pins to strip the weapon from the rack. https://jottopublicsafety.gojotto.com/store/p/1872-AR-Secure-Gun-Rack-Dual-Weapon-Partition-Mounted-Vertical-GR9-ZRT-AR-Secure-BLM/870.html


OPS Public Safety Maxx Slide Series for Emergency Response Vehicles

OPS Public Safety's new Maxx Slide Series is designed for emergency service vehicles. Instead of having to reach in your vehicle to access weapons and equipment, the Maxx Slide Series is designed to make it quick and easy to access 100% of equipment from all sides, by simply rolling out the storage system. Choose from OPS Public Safety's line of modular storage solutions, including drawers, cabinets, shelving, and whiteboards to create a drawer configuration to meet your needs. http://opspublicsafety.com/maxx-slide-series-2


Pelican 1507 Air Case

The Pelican 1507 Air Case has an interior measuring 15.15" x 11.38" x 8.52" and was developed to serve as the smallest size in the "deeper case" part of the Pelican Air case line. The 1507 Pelican Air case passes the same performance tests (impact, drop, submersion, high and low temperature) that Pelican users have come to trust and is backed by the company's lifetime guarantee of excellence. The Pelican 1507 Air case is available in four configurations: TrekPak divider system, Pick N Pluck foam, Padded Dividers, and No Foam (empty). The case is available in black, orange, silver, and yellow. https://www.pelican.com


Pugs Cabinet Systems Ford Police Interceptor PPV Cabinets

Ford Police Interceptor Cabinet Systems are a staple product of Pugs Cabinet Systems. The company's experienced engineers and design team worked directly with Ford Motor Company and law enforcement to come up with advanced vehicle cabinet systems for the Ford Police Interceptor PPV. Pugs Cabinet Systems also manufactures a wide range of high-quality emergency vehicle cabinet systems for various vehicles and law enforcement needs. http://www.pugscabinets.com


Rockland Custom Products Custom Weapons Storage Drawers & Cabinets

Rockland Custom Products provides law enforcement officers with a secure, custom way of storing weapons in their vehicles. Made from the highest quality and the most durable woods, metals, and finishing materials, every product is crafted in the United States by an expert team to meet the lasting needs of the company's customers and to outlast the lives of the vehicles in which they are securely installed with Rockland's patented mounting platform. The company says it can fit locked weapons drawers and sealed compartments to any vehicle—either alone or as part of a complete storage cabinet configuration. Rockland Custom Products offers a variety of lock, latch, material, and finishing options as well as in-drawer lighting and endless other customizations to meet the needs of any individual or department.



Tactical Command Cabinets TAC-RDY400

The TAC-RDY400 from Tactical Command Cabinets carries three long guns and ammo in the top cabinet, which locks separately. The lower section of the unit is a long pullout drawer for storing general tactical equipment. The inside of the unit is carpeted and the exterior features Line-X protective coating. The company uses the Simplex 900 auto combination lock for the gun cabinet and a marine-grade spring loaded latch for the drawer box to reduce rattle. https://tacticalcommandcabinets.com


TruckVault Strike Guard Technology

In an ongoing effort to manufacture the industry's leading secure in-vehicle storage systems, TruckVault created its own patented technology to help further protect gear from thieves. Strike Guard is an interlocking strike system to prevent thieves from being able to pry open a vault. It reinforces the Push Button Key Override Kaba lock with a flange lip consisting of a strike plate and backing plate constructed out of AISI 1020 galvanized steel. When the bolt is activated, the Strike Guard interlocks and secures it in place so that nothing can pry open the drawer. https://truckvault.com/


Tuffy Security Products Tuffy Tactical Lockbox

Originally designed for the U.S. government, Tuffy Tactical Lockboxes are engineered for high security and portability of firearms and valuable equipment. This unique system does not require a separate padlock and can be released in seconds to transfer the lockbox between vehicles or locations. A gas strut supports Tuffy Security Products' larger lids from reversible mounting points, enabling convenient access from either side of the lockbox. https://www.tuffyproducts.com/p-543-tuffy-tactical-lockbox.aspx

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