Helinet Aviation to Show Helicopters at American Heroes Air Show in California

The American Heroes Air Show is a helicopter-only, admission-free aviation event designed to demonstrate to the public, media, and community officials the vital and diverse roles of rotary aviation. Helinet will be displaying two of its helicopters.

Two helicopters from Helinet Aviation Services will participate in the American Heroes Air Show Saturday, June 18, at Hansen Dam in Southern California's San Fernando Valley. The show is a helicopter-only, admission-free aviation event designed to demonstrate to the public, media, and community officials the vital and diverse roles of rotary aviation.

American Heroes highlights the impact of helicopters in law enforcement, public safety, communications, search and rescue, homeland security, and national defense. Helinet Aviation has a rich history of involvement with law enforcement, public safety, and emergency medical transportation, according to the company.

"The public safety and law enforcement officials in our community provide an essential service, and we're happy to support them in that important work," said Garret Dalton, Chief Pilot at Helinet Aviation. "They are truly American Heroes, and the Los Angeles community is invited to come out to see what they do on a daily basis."

Helinet will have two helicopters on display at the event, along with their crews:

  • A Sikorsky S76 helicopter used for the medical transport of patients and organs to and from Children's Hospital Los Angeles will be on display fully stocked with transport equipment. CHLA Pilot Bryan Andrus, along with a Registered Nurse and a Respiratory Therapist will be on hand to field questions and provide further insight to air show attendees. Helinet Aviation has a strong relationship with CHLA and has donated two Sikorsky S76 Helicopters like this one to the hospital. For nearly 20 years, Helinet has staffed these helicopters with pilots 24/7, as well as covered the maintenance and all operational costs completely free of charge. Last year alone, Helinet transported 437 critically ill children through this partnership with CHLA.
  • An Airbus AS350 ENG helicopter used by local TV stations KTTV (Fox) and KCBS/KCAL, will also be on display and staffed by Pilot Zeus Lehel, Fox reporter Rick Dickert, and KCBS reporter Stu Mundel. Helinet facilitates public safety through the operation of ENG (electronic news gathering) helicopters like this one for broadcast media. These types of aircraft are used to keep the public informed and safe by updating the community about wild fires, earthquakes, weather phenomena, freeway closures, pursuits, protests, and all kinds of criminal activity.

About Helinet Aviation

Helinet Aviation Services is a diversified helicopter transportation provider located in Van Nuys, CA. With nearly 30 years in business, Helinet serves the following markets: VIP Transportation, Emergency Medical Services including patient and organ transport, Electronic News Gathering (news helicopters), Motion Picture, Television and Commercial Production, and Helicopter Fleet Management. Its mission is, and has always been, to be Southern California's preferred carrier for safe, responsive, and reliable rotor wing transportation.

About Helinet Technologies A division of Helinet Aviation, Helinet Technologies is an international provider of aviation technology solutions to the law enforcement, government, and military markets. The firm offers a full suite of services, ranging from basic equipment sales to fully turnkey surveillance solutions. Helinet Technologies is online at www.helinettechnologies.com.

About American Heroes Air Show The American Heroes Air Shows are produced at sites from coast to coast by volunteers with a passion for public service and aviation. The admission-free events are dedicated to educating the public, media and elected officials about the unique capabilities rotary-wing aviation delivers every day to communities across the country. For more information, visit www.heroes-airshow.com.

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