IACP 2023: New Training Products

Technologies for improving law enforcement training and training management were some of the highlights at this year's show.

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The second post-pandemic International Association of Chiefs of Police conference was held in October at the San Diego Convention Center, and it was a very interesting show.

Like most recent IACP shows, the 2023 edition was mostly about high technology used in law enforcement operations. There was software, and body cameras, and computers, and license plate recognition systems, the stuff that makes the IACP show the IACP show.

Here’s a look at the latest training products from the show.


Inveris' SurviVR virtual reality solution is designed for group and single officer training.Inveris' SurviVR virtual reality solution is designed for group and single officer training.Inveris

Inveris came to IACP with its full line of simulator systems, including the SurviVR virtual reality solution. The system is designed for group and single officer training. It can accommodate up to three trainees at a time and up to 12 tools or weapons. It’s scalable to match the size of the available training area.

MILO debuted its VR solutions. The immersive training solution is about helping officers practice critical thinking, verbal communication, de-escalation techniques, the company says. MILO VR complements MILO Range simulators, with the range system providing a tool for marksmanship and tactical training and the VR providing an immersive environment for de-escalation exercises.

Ti Training brought the Recon LED system to IACP. Recon LED is more ultra reality than virtual reality. The star of the system is some of the largest, most beautiful video displays available. Agencies can choose from a single display to a full 300-degree wraparound system. The displays are 4K compatible, with an incredibly fast refresh rate of 3,840Hz.

VirTra launched its V-XR extended reality system. VirTra says extended reality (XR) is a combination of virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality that creates an immersive experience where the trainee interacts with the digital and physical environment. To enhance the realism of the digital world, VirTra uses its V-3 volumetric video capture system to image real people instead of using CGI characters.


PowerDMS announced its new version of PowerFTO cloud-based training management solution now renamed PowerReady. The revised software now offers CAD integration to facilitate reporting. PowerReady lets agencies manage, track, and measure on-the-job training in real time.

Vector Solutions showed its new AgencyConnect. The new training management solution allows local agencies to share training records with state training authorities in real time.  


Tac Med Solutions training manikins are extremely lifelike tools for teaching trauma care.Tac Med Solutions training manikins are extremely lifelike tools for teaching trauma care.POLICE Staff

Tac Med Solutions brought its line of Tacmed Simulation human and K-9 training manikins to IACP. The manikins are extremely lifelike and can exhibit a wide variety of trauma for tactical medical training. The company’s Whole-Body Simulator even responds to the treatment. It can be operated by a single remote that control functions such as bleeding.   

Techline Trauma demonstrated its self-adhesive moulage. The realistic wound simulations can be applied to living role players or to manikins without the need for additional makeup and they are reusable. The product line includes multiple sizes of gunshot entry and exit wounds, fractures, burns, and lacerations.

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