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SW245B Dual Audio Pal

The ultra-portable 50W Dual Audio Pal from AmpliVox is designed to deliver crisp, clear sound from up to two microphones at once, and stream music and other audio for all types of indoor and outdoor events.

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DuraForce PRO 2 Smartphone

The rugged DuraForce PRO 2 from Kyocera International Inc. is a 4G LTE Android smartphone now available through Verizon Wireless.

Cat Phones to Bring the Cat S48c Smartphone to Verizon Customers

Cat phones has announced the availability of the Cat S48c rugged smartphone with U.S. wireless provider Verizon. The Cat S48c is designed to keep working even in tough environments.

CentralSquare Acquires Lucity to Enhance Public Safety Initiatives

CentralSquare Technologies, a leader in public administration and public safety software, announced that it has acquired Lucity, a provider of enterprise asset management (EAM) software exclusively focused on the needs of local governments.

They're Watching Your Aircraft

The bad guys can track law enforcement aircraft in flight using a variety of readily available tools.

My Technology Can…Help You Rapidly Identify Suspects

Veritone's IDentify uses facial recognition and artificial intelligence to search your databases and identify persons of interest in video.

Zistos Introduces ZistosHD Wireless Tactical Pole Camera System

The new ZistosHD Tactical Pole Camera System is a state-of-the-art encrypted wireless system that supports true 1080P HD, low latency video and can be viewed on a laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

10 Things to Know About Polygraph Exams

The polygraph can be an extremely valuable tool for investigators if it's used properly by a qualified examiner.

Phoenix Police to Purchase Brainwave Monitor for Training

Phoenix police will spend $60,000 on a high-tech brainwave-monitoring system endorsed by elite athletes to help reduce officer use-of-force incidents, including shootings.

Tennessee Department Launches New Mobile App to Connect with Citizens

The Elizabethton (TN) Police Department has launched a new smartphone app allowing residents to view alerts and submit anonymous tips to the agency.