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Stupid Criminals

Missouri Agency's Tongue-in-Cheek "Scam Alert" Social Media Post Goes Viral

A police department in Missouri is getting a lot of attention for a social media post in which it invited gullible purchasers of illegal narcotics to bring their drugs into the station to be properly weighed, thereby supposedly not falling victim to a "scam" in which tricky drug dealers would sell them short on their drug buy.

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Arrested for DUI, Florida Couple Attempts to have Sex in Back of Squad

A Florida couple arrested for DUI reportedly attempted to have sexual intercourse in the back of the patrol vehicle transporting them to jail.

Police Impostor Threatens Strip Club Employee, Gets Arrested

A man who reportedly claimed to be a police officer during an argument with an employee of a strip club in Waverly, NE, early Sunday morning now faces criminal charges of making terroristic threats and impersonating a police officer.

Police Impostor Pulls Over Van Full of Police Detectives in New York

A New York man was arrested Friday after he allegedly tried to pull over a van full of police detectives.

Suspect Farts So Loudly His Hiding Spot is Revealed to Officers

Deputies with the Clay County (MO) Sheriff's Office were searching a wooded area for a man wanted for possession of a controlled substance when the subject passed gas so loudly his hiding spot was revealed.

Ohio Man Steals Front-End Loader, Drives it Through a House

Officers with the Akron (OH) Police Department are searching for a suspect who stole a front-end loader from a construction site and drove it through a nearby house.

Felon Drops Loaded Pistol in Donut Shop Populated by Officers

A repeat felon is now in custody after he accidentally dropped a loaded pistol to the floor of a donut/ice cream shop in which several officers were dining.

Burglars Breaking into TX Best Buy Store Arrested After Butt Dialing 911

The pair allegedly stole several laptops and other electronic items from the Best Buy in Sugar Land, Texas, early Saturday. Police say the three suspects entered the big box electronics store, tripping the alarm at around 3 a.m. At the same time, dispatchers also received a 911 call from a phone in the area, but no one could be heard on the line.

Woman Driving to Waffle House on Electric Shopping Cart Arrested by Police on TN Highway

Police say Sally Selby took an electric shopping cart from a local Walmart store early Friday morning and drove it down Highway 127 in the slow lane. Police pursued at very low speed.

Burglar Breaks into Escape Room Calls 911 When He Can't Get Out

The Clark County Sheriff's Office responded to NW Escape Experience looking for the burglar who reportedly took a cell phone, TV remote and a beer from the fridge prior to calling authorities. More Here.