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Patrol Vehicle Theft

2 Children Killed in Crash with Stolen Police SUV

Police says the suspect identified as Raymond Walter stole the police SUV during the confrontation and sped off back in the direction of Dayton, hitting several vehicles before plowing into the van in front of a Dayton public library.

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Video: One-Legged Man Steals Tennessee Squad Car

A Tennessee man broke into a squad car belonging to the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department in Jacksboro, TN, and drove the vehicle more than 200 miles until it ran out of gas in Williamson County.

Video: Shirtless FL Man Steals Highway Patrol Car, Leads Police on High-Speed Chase

After a wild pursuit that involved road blocks, spike strips, and the man running through traffic to escape into the woods, he was arrested.

North Dakota Man Steals Patrol Vehicle, Dies in Fiery Crash

A man who reportedly stole a police car died in a collision with a tractor-trailer truck on Monday.

Handcuffed Subject Allegedly Kidnaps Woman, Steals Police Vehicle

Oklahoma police are searching for an escaped inmate from Missouri who slipped the grip of authorities who had captured him in Oklahoma after he allegedly kidnapped a woman.

Ohio Woman Steals Trooper's Cruiser, Leads Police on 11-Minute Pursuit

Troopers in Ohio were responding to a call of a woman claiming to have been raped when the subject reportedly quickly jumped in the driver's seat of one of the responding cruisers and took off at high speed.

Michigan Teen who Stole Police Car at Traffic Stop Arrested After Joyride

A 17-year-old girl reportedly took a police car on a brief joyride following a traffic stop early on New Year's Day.

Arkansas Deputies Attacked at Traffic Stop, Squad Car Stolen

Two deputies with the Pulaski County (AR) Sheriff's Office came under fire at a traffic stop on Saturday. The suspect reportedly emerged from his vehicle and started shooting, then allegedly stole their patrol vehicle.

Homeless Florida Man Steals Unmarked Police Car and Wrecks It, Officials Say

He sped south on Meridian Avenue, striking cars parked on the east and west sides of the street, before losing control of the vehicle at 13th Street and Meridian Avenue, according to an arrest report released Monday.

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Drunk Girl Steals and Crashes New Mexico Sheriff's Vehicle

"I’m going to have you sit in my truck for now while I go talk to your mom," said the deputy on video. He didn't handcuff her. More Here.