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Michigan Officer Donating Kidney to Total Stranger in Miami

Officer Thomas Shepherd said, "I get an intrinsic feeling of doing good, and I'm a firm believer of putting good things out into the world and giving everything that you have to give."

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Dayton Detective Shot During Search Warrant Execution Dies

Wounded Dayton (OH) Police Department Detective Jorge DelRio was taken into surgery to donate his organs Thursday morning and died afterward, according to Chief Richard Biehl.

Wounded Dayton Detective’s Injuries “Not Survivable,” Organs to be Donated

“After a life of dedicated public service, Jorge will continue to give of himself to the greater community by being an organ donor upon his death,” Biehl said in an updated media release Wednesday afternoon.

North Carolina Officer Makes Second Life-Saving Organ Donation

An officer with the Gastonia (NC) Police Department has donated a second vital organ to a complete stranger. After donating a kidney in 2015, he felt compelled to donate a part of his liver this year.

Chicago Officer Donates Bone Marrow to Save Life of Man in Italy

According to WLS-TV, Officer Joe Deleon registered to be a donor more than 12 years ago with an organization that connects donors with those in need of life-saving help.

Texas Undercover Officer Dies in Hospital from Gunshot Wound

When the suspects ran out of the bar uniformed officers were waiting, and helped the undercover officers stop the robbers as they tried to get into an SUV. It was then that one of the suspects, later identified as Dacion Steptoe, opened fire. Steptoe reportedly hit Hull, and Hull's fellow officers returned fire, killing Steptoe. Two other suspects are in custody.

Son Who Donated Kidney to Police Chief Dad Sworn in as Police Officer

The son of Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson—Daniel Johnson—has been sworn in as a police officer a year after he donated a kidney to his dad.

Video: Virginia Officer Donates Kidney to Boy, Son of Firefighter

Ian said he now feels more energetic and not as tired and Officer Hall said the two will always share a strong bond.

Virginia Officer Donates Kidney to Boy, Son of Firefighter

A 13-year-old boy is getting another chance at life thanks to a police officer who donated her kidney to him. More Here.

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Indiana Sheriff Writes Open Letter Praising Slain Deputy, Mourning Loss

Pickett was mortally wounded Friday morning while assisting Lebanon Police officers. When going to serve a warrant, officers noticed 28-year-old John D. Baldwin Jr., who was known to have an arrest warrant for violating probation on a charge of possession of a syringe.