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Officer Injured

Connecticut Officer Pinned Between Suspect Vehicle and Patrol Car

An officer with the Suffield (CT) Police Department was injured during a traffic stop when he was pinned between his patrol vehicle and another automobile during a traffic stop on Wednesday evening.

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Shoplifting Suspect Strikes Ohio Officer with Stolen SUV

A shoplifting suspect is accused of striking an Ohio officer with a stolen SUV after he and a female accomplice had stolen some goods from area stores.

Florida Deputy Injured While Working VP Pence Motorcade

In a single-vehicle accident on I-95, Quesada was thrown from his motorcycle, which fell and slid “a significant distance” before stopping in the HOV lane, the sheriff’s office said.

Oklahoma Officer Injured in Vehicle Collision

An officer with the Tulsa (OK) Police Department was injured in a vehicle collision over the weekend.

Pennsylvania Officer Wounded, Suspect Dead in Traffic Stop Gunfight

An officer with the Pittsburgh Police Department was wounded and a subject was left dead after a gunfight broke out during a traffic stop on Thursday evening.

Alabama Officer Involved in Crash Suffers Non-Life-Threatening Injuries

An officer with the Mobile Police Department who was involved in a crash at an intersection on Thursday night reportedly suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

North Carolina Officer Seriously Injured When Squad Crashes into Building

An officer with the Chadbourn (NC) Police Department is now listed in stable condition after being seriously injured in a vehicle crash while responding to a call for backup at a traffic stop.

Chicago Officer Struck and Dragged by Vehicle at Traffic Stop

An officer with the Chicago Police Department was struck and dragged by a vehicle at a traffic stop on Wednesday night.

Anchorage Officer Shot in Badge, Saved by Body Armor

The bullet hit Officer Jason Cusack's badge and was stopped by his body armor.

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Video: New York Trooper Dragged by Vehicle

Video has surfaced showing a trooper with the New York State Police being dragged by a vehicle as he was attempting to conduct a traffic stop in 2017.