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Officer Injured

MO Officer Burned in Firebomb Attack Released from Hospital

Ste. Genevieve police Officer Pete Unverferth, who was severely burned in a Molotov cocktail attack two weeks ago, was released from a St. Louis hospital Monday.

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Delaware Officer Fighting for Life After Severe Beating

A woman inside the home reportedly witnessed a man "slam his foot down on (the officer's head) repeatedly" as the officer was face down and appeared unconscious. How the officer ended up on the floor is unclear.

Small Town MO Officer Severely Burned in Molotov Cocktail Attack

“There are no Mayberry RFDs anymore. This is a 4,500-person community where this happened. And it can happen anywhere,” Ste. Genevieve Police Chief Eric Bennett said.

NYPD Officers Attacked with Bleach and Firebomb During Traffic Incident

Lionel Virgile, of Bridgeport, Connecticut, faces a federal charge of arson with injury that carries a 7-to-40-year prison sentence.

Suspected DUI Driver Crashes Head-On into Colorado Deputy

A Teller County, CO, deputy was hospitalized Monday night after a suspected DUI driver crashed into him.

3 Officers Injured in Georgia Vehicle Pursuit and Shooting

During the chase, the passenger used a rifle to fire at officers as it went through Carroll County and Villa Rica, authorities said.

CHP Officer Struck and Seriously Injured on L.A. Freeway

She ran after the man to get him safely off the freeway, officials said. But before she could get to him, a vehicle traveling in the #1 lane of the eastbound freeway hit her.

3 WV Deputies Injured, Their Vehicles Damaged in Pursuit of Stolen Ambulance

Deputies say the suspect was going about 80 to 90 mph during the chase, even on two-lane roads. He reportedly was also going into the opposite lane at high speeds into oncoming traffic.

Illinois Officer Seriously Injured in Crash

Police released dashcam video that shows the moment of impact. Investigators said the officer was driving westbound when a black Impala driving at a high rate of speed hit the police cruiser.

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Fallen Tampa Officer Saved Temporarily Paralyzed Deputy During Summer Riot

During the riot at the University Mall in May of 2020, Hillsborough County Master Deputy William Scobie was hit in the head with a piece of concrete, which left him temporarily paralyzed. Madsen and another officer with TPD rushed to Scobie’s aid, carried him to the car and took him to the hospital.