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Missouri Agency's Tongue-in-Cheek "Scam Alert" Social Media Post Goes Viral

A police department in Missouri is getting a lot of attention for a social media post in which it invited gullible purchasers of illegal narcotics to bring their drugs into the station to be properly weighed, thereby supposedly not falling victim to a "scam" in which tricky drug dealers would sell them short on their drug buy.

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Missouri Police Board Votes to Seek Independent Review of Police Department

Less than a week after a jury awarded $19 million to an officer in a discrimination lawsuit alleging that the agency passed him over for promotion because he is homosexual, the St. Louis County Police Board voted unanimously to seek an independent review of the agency.

Gay Missouri Officer Awarded $19M in Discrimination Lawsuit

An officer with the St. Louis County (MO) Police Department has been awarded $19 million in a discrimination lawsuit alleging that the agency passed him over for promotion because he is homosexual.

Off-Duty Missouri Officer Killed in Head-On Vehicle Collision

Officer James "Mitch" Ellis, 49, had just gotten off work and was heading home to his family in Illinois when an oncoming vehicle crashed head on into the vehicle he was driving.

Off-Duty Missouri Officer Shot, Listed in Critical Condition

An officer with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department was among five people wounded by gunfire at an event on Saturday night and is reportedly listed in critical condition.

Off-Duty Missouri Motor Officer Injured in Vehicle Collision

An off-duty officer with the Independence (MO) Police Department was injured in a vehicle collision on Thursday morning.

Missouri Officer Struck by Vehicle Driven by Suspect is Alert and Conscious

An officer with the Florissant (MO) Police Department who was struck by a suspect attempting to flee arrest on Monday afternoon is reportedly "alert and conscious," the department said on social media.

Woman Sentenced to 20 Years for Role in Missouri Officer's Death

A Missouri woman has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for her role in the murder of an officer with the Clinton (MO) Police Department in March 2018.

Missouri Officer Shot, Bullet Stopped by Body Armor

An off-duty officer with the Kansas City Police Department was working a security job at a local shopping center when he was shot and struck in the bullet-resistant armor he was wearing.

Missouri Officer Injured in Crash While Responding to Vehicle Pursuit

An officer with the St. Ann (MO) Police Department was injured while responding to aid in a vehicle pursuit of a car reported stolen Tuesday.