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Mentally Ill Subjects

Great Cops are Both Helpers and Warriors

Progressive politicians want to turn you into social workers; someday when they need a warrior they will regret that decision.

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How to Speak to the Mentally Ill

Barking orders and giving demands to someone who is already agitated will only make things worse.

Video: Articulating Interactions with Mentally Ill Subjects Using Mnemonics

Attorney Missy O'Linn discusses the mnemonics that can help officers explain their actions after an incident involving a mentally ill or unstable subject.

Chicago Officer Shot in Chest, Saved by Body Armor

An officer with the Chicago Police Department was responding to a domestic incident involving a subject with an undisclosed mental illness when he was shot in the chest by a suspect who was holding his parents hostage at gunpoint.

Mental Health Crisis Is a Social Problem, Not a Police Problem

In a POLICE-exclusive interview, Robert Harris of the Los Angeles Police Protective League board of directors discusses the problems with making police act as the front-line problem solvers for the mental health crisis.

California Officer Fatally Shoots Knife-Wielding Former Police Captain

A veteran FTO and his rookie partner arrived to the scene and quickly discovered a pool of blood on the floor and a man with a knife with a 12-inch blade coming at them, according to the Fresno Bee.

Former Texas Deputy Acquitted in Brutality Case

A former Harris County, TX, deputy constable accused of police brutality was found not guilty Wednesday by a Harris County jury.

Man Shot by Ohio Police at Hospital Had Reached for Officer's Gun

Officers arrived to find 38-year-old Cory Fraley in distress, saying "I'm ready to die" before lunging for an officer's sidearm.

Handling Suspects’ Claims of Insanity During Interrogation

Using the mnemonic "INSANITY," PNCLIS (pronounced "Pin-clis") incorporates eight essential elements to assist law enforcement with collecting and documenting information about a suspect's thought processes at and around the time of an offense.

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Nebraska Police Rescue Missing 90-Year-Old Man Who Suffers from Dementia

Vitauts Grinvalds had last been seen at around eight o'clock in the morning. Police located him at about four in the afternoon, and returned him safely to his home.