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Hearing Protection

Otto Sponsors National Shooting Sports Month, Celebrates with Employees

Otto Communications celebrated National Shooting Sports Month, of which it is a sponsor, by treating employees to a day at Fox Valley Shooting Range in Elgin, IL.

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Officer Safety Products 2019

Bullets aren’t the only things you need protection from. Here's a selection of products that will keep you safe from other threats.

Washington Agency to Add Suppressors to Patrol Rifles

Citing concerns over possible hearing loss for officers and civilians alike, the Spokane (WA) Police Department is putting suppressors on all of the department's 181 patrol rifles.

Twitco Announces Parmarlow Foam Eartip

The Parmarlow ATFM Noise Reduction Foam Eartip from Twitco is made to be one of the most comfortable sound tube tips on the market today.

WA Police to Add Suppressors to Rifles to Prevent Hearing Damage

Rifles carried by Spokane, WA, police on patrol will soon be equipped with suppressors, a move the department says will protect officers and civilians from hearing damage.

X5 Headset

The Invisio X5 headset is designed exclusively for Invisio's range of advanced control units and is fundamental to the Invisio hearing protection system.

Range Kit

Safariland's Range Kit is designed for protecting the wearer's eyes and ears on the range.

The Earphone Connection Introduces the Fin Ultra Ear Tip

The Fin Ultra from The Earphone Connection features an open skeleton design to allow for more ambient sound to travel through and a higher level of situational awareness for those who need it.

Police Product Test: Soundgear by LaPierre Digital Hearing Protection

Soundgear electronic hearing protection is a fully automatic earplug that returns environmental sounds while eliminating loud noise spikes. It is automatic in the sense that there is no user control that adjusts the level of volume in the unit.

Altus Introduces Pro Ears ReVO Youth Hearing Protection

Altus Brands has introduced the Pro Ears ReVO passive earmuffs, as hearing protection for young shooters. The line of hearing protection products are designed for smaller heads and smaller ears.