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Pennsylvania Troopers to Wear Strongsuit Gloves at Democratic National Convention

StrongSuit Inc. is partnering with the Pennsylvania State Police to outfit its officers with StrongSuit's Defender glove to protect them during patrol at the Democratic National Convention in July.

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Hard Knuckle Glove

First Tactical's Hard Knuckle Glove is built to be both reliable and durable, without giving up the mobility of lighter wear alternatives.

First Tactical's Hard Knuckle Glove Provides Solid Protection and Movement

First Tactical's Hard Knuckle glove is designed to be both reliable and durable, without giving up the mobility of lighter wear alternatives.

Medium Duty Padded Gloves

First Tactical builds gloves according to your bone structure and body height, with proportions based on gender research. Guaranteed to be the best fitting gloves on the market.

Gloves 2015

Keep your hands protected and comfortable whether you're shooting or swiping a touchscreen.

Police Product Test: StrongSuit Tactical Gloves

Founded in 2009, StrongSuit is a relatively new glove company. Gloves are all they make and they take great pride in their simple yet successful business model.

Glove-Mounted Light: Handy Lighting

It's difficult to perform other tasks when you're holding a light. Officer Suresh Madhavan was tired of finding himself in this dangerous predicament working the midnight shift, so he created the Exxtremity Glove.

Touchscreen Capable Duty Gloves

New Hatch duty gloves with touchscreen capability don't use stitched-on excess material. Instead, they feature the embedded ATS (Advanced Touchscreen System) technology.

The Original 0.5mm Covert Glove

Mechanix Wear's Original 0.5mm Covert tactical glove utilizes a high dexterity 0.5mm palm and fingers for the perfect blend of precision and protection. SHOT Show Booth #7209

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Gloves 2013

Maintain hand protection with the latest gloves that feature enhanced designs and materials.