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Webinar: Why Watertown Police Implemented Speech Recognition Technology

Discover how implementing speech recognition technology can drive efficiency and effectiveness in your law enforcement agency.

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[Webinar] Police Leadership: Drive Productivity with Speech Technology

Discover how progressive leadership coupled with speech recognition technology can transform your organization and drive productivity.

[WEBINAR] 3 Ways Tech Can Improve Active Community Policing

Police Magazine is holding a webinar April 28th on three ways speech recognition technology can improve police burnout and combat the pitfalls of manual documentation processes.

POLICE to Hold Free Webinar on Coronavirus Best Practices

On April 2nd, POLICE and a panel of law enforcement experts will provide an informative webinar to address law enforcement leaders' concerns about best practices for their agencies' operations during the current coronavirus crisis.

Webinar on Redefining De-escalation in the Age of Liability

Police Magazine is hosting a free upcoming webinar Apr. 23 to share training procedures aimed at protecting your department from liability risks.

POLICE, TargetSolutions Present Webinar Jan. 30 on Reducing Liability

The Webinar, which is scheduled for 11 a.m. Pacific (2 p.m. Eastern), will focus on mitigating liability risk through policy management, use-of-force training, and stress training.

[Webinar] 5 Key Ways to Reduce Liability Risks

Police Magazine is hosting a free webinar Jan. 30 to explain how police departments can work to reduce liability risks and protect themselves.

POLICE Webinar Focuses on Body Camera Data Storage Solutions

In the June 20 Webinar, Derrington will discuss the challenge of storing video data, finding a fluid storage solution that can accommodate increasing amounts of video, and the security of stored data.

Live Webinar: Bulletproof Public Safety Mobile Networks: How to Improve Network Coverage

This webinar provides key insights into the building blocks to improve network coverage, with real scenarios and successful cases studies.

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