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Access Control

Diablo Controls Develops Hands-Free Gate Access System

The AVI series can be used for allowing emergency vehicle access into secured gated areas.

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Checkmate Badge Solution

DSI has announced the launch of The Checkmate Badge Solution for The Law Enforcement Total Track System. These cards identify authorized personnel and control access to secure facilities or scenes.

Hardening Physical Targets

With the exception of the military-related attacks at Fort Hood and the Washington Navy Yard, terrorists and criminals are more likely to assault a facility where resistance is minimal—a "soft" target.

Defender Suite OTP

Defender Suite OTP is designed specifically for police forces that need to provide CJIS compliant advanced authentication for remote field officers.

Gemalto's CJIS Advanced Authentication

In this demo, Gemalto shows how to use its USB Smart Card to access police records using CJIS advanced authentication via a Virtual Private Network.

Mass. Agency Adopts LEID's BACS for Evidence Management

North Andover (Mass.) Police officers demonstrate how to use LEID Products' BACS evidence management system, which the department has recently implemented.

U.S. Schools Beef Up Security

Not surprisingly, in the wake of the Connecticut mass shooting that occurred on Friday, school districts around the nation are taking a closer look at how they are securing their campuses. Here's an overview of what some districts are considering.

8 Ways To Make Your Campus Safer

After the dust settles on Friday's Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, the campus protection community should once again be prepared to review our K-12 active shooter response emergency plans.

Gemalto's Advanced Authentication Solution

Gemalto discusses four essential steps to choose and implement an advanced authentication solution for access control.

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SV-PRO Surveillance Tool

Genetec's SV-PRO is a rack-mountable hybrid solution that offers unified video surveillance and access control in a single appliance.