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The Midwest

Missouri Officer Shot While Transporting Prisoner in "Good Spirits"

An officer with the Missouri Highway Patrol was shot in the hand during a struggle with a prisoner she was transporting.

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Ohio Officer Saves the Lives of Seven People in One Day

Officer Aaron Franklin freed six teens trapped in a storm drain being filled with rushing waters form a local creek. A short time later, he came upon an unconscious man who had crashed his truck into two cars; the officer administered Narcan and then performed CPR.

5 Minnesota Officers Fired for Inaction During an Assault

Five officers with the Saint Paul (MN) Police Department have been fired for failing to intervene in an assault outside a local bar.

Milwaukee Man Who Opened Fire on Police is Shot and Wounded

The gunman—identified as 34-year old Javon Lewis—now faces two counts of attempted first-degree intentional homicide, strangulation and suffocation, misdemeanor battery, and a felon in possession of a firearm.

Michigan K-9 Dies from Recently Diagnosed Medical Condition

A K-9 with the Battle Creek (MI) Police Department died Wednesday from a medical condition that had been diagnosed over the weekend.

Chicago Police Department Holds Two-Day Mental Health Summit

The Chicago Police Department—which has suffered three the loss of three officers to suicide this year—is hosting a two-day seminar to improve mental health treatment for police and other emergency responders.

Cincinnati Officer Badly Beaten Making Disorderly Conduct Arrest

"The officer would have been justified if he had used deadly force," Cincinnati Fraternal Order of Police President Dan Hils told WLWT, releasing a photo of the officer.

WI Deputy Shot, Suicidal Subject Killed

The wounded deputy is in stable condition. Wood County Sheriff Becker did not release the deputy’s name, but said he was shot in the upper torso and arm area.

Chicago Mayor Spreads Rumor of Police Indifference to Memorial Day Weekend Violence

“You know, there were rumors floating around about — and I didn’t verify this — but rumors floating around that they were telling their officers, ‘Don’t do anything. Over Memorial Day weekend, don’t intercede,’” Lightfoot said on CAN-TV’s “Chicago Newsroom” program.

Former Drummer for Five Finger Death Punch Sworn in as Reserve Officer

Jeremy Spencer—the former drummer of Five Finger Death Punch—has been sworn in as a reserve police officer for the Rockport (IN) Police Department.