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Officer Wounded

2 California Officers Shot During Burglary Investigation

Two officers with the Elk Grove (CA) Police Department were wounded when a suspected burglary suspect reportedly opened fire on them on Saturday night.

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LAPD Officer in Stable Condition After Being Shot

An officer with the Los Angeles Police Department was shot on Saturday night as he and other officers pursued a fleeing suspect.

Off-Duty Idaho Tribal Officer Ambushed, Shot at Home

According to authorities, Officer Josh Rigney is doing well and remains stable in a local hospital. He was shot twice in the attack.

Video: NYPD Officer Wounded in Gunfight Leaves Hospital to Applause from Fellow Officers

A plainclothes officer with the New York Police Department was wounded in a gunfight that left the assailant dead on Thursday afternoon.

Georgia Officer Wounded in Gunfight Recovering After 3 Surgeries

According to Fox News, Officer Jerome Turner Jr.—who was shot as many as six times in the gun battle—has undergone three surgeries and will have another procedure in the coming days.

MA Officer Wounded in Gunfight Expected to be OK

An officer with the Springfield (MA) Police Department was wounded in an exchange of gunfire in the early hours on Sunday morning. The officer—identified as Edwin Irizarry—was struck twice in the arm by two .22 caliber bullets.

Mississippi Deputy Shot, Saved by Body Armor

The sheriff said Deputy Tatum played dead but that Vaught walked up to him and shot him several more times in the chest area. Dickerson estimated Tatum was shot three to eight times total with wounds in the chest area, an arm and a leg.

Sheriff Says FL Deputy Shot in Head by Suspect Escaped Death by "Millimeter"

“A millimeter lower and Sgt. Dane is dead,” Chitwood told the media a few hours after the shooting during a news conference less than 100 yards from where the face-off took place on State Road 44.

Wife of Wounded Florida Officer Sues Estate of Gunman

Meghan Valencia—the wife of Orlando Police Officer Kevin Valencia—is suing the estate of the man who shot her husband as well as the owner of the apartment complex and its management company.

Patient Shoots Officer in South Carolina Hospital

An officer with the Greenville Health Authority Police Department confronted the man, and the suspect pulled out a gun and shot the officer. The officer returned fire.