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Officer Wounded

TX Deputy Wounded in Face with Crossbow Bolt, Suspect Shot

A Sour Lake, TX, man reportedly shot a Hardin County deputy in the face with a crossbow Thursday morning. The deputy shot the man with a duty pistol.

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New Orleans Officer Wounded in Gunfight with Armed Robbery Suspect

A suspected armed robber shot and wounded an officer with the New Orleans Police Department early Monday morning.

Missouri Officer Shot While Transporting Prisoner in "Good Spirits"

An officer with the Missouri Highway Patrol was shot in the hand during a struggle with a prisoner she was transporting.

WI Deputy Shot, Suicidal Subject Killed

The wounded deputy is in stable condition. Wood County Sheriff Becker did not release the deputy’s name, but said he was shot in the upper torso and arm area.

Kentucky Deputy Wounded by Friendly Fire Said He was More Afraid of Poorly Trained Officers Than Criminals

“Some of the guys did not have tactical experience to be, you know, on the situation. You know, as high stress as something like that is,” Morales told investigators.

CA Deputy on Life Support After Monday Shooting

Deputy Joseph Gilbert Solano, a 13-year veteran with the department, was standing by the restaurant's counter when a man shot him once in the head from behind, authorities said.

Utah Man Arrested in Shooting of Off-Duty California Deputy

Deputy Joseph Solano was off duty and waiting for his meal at a Jack in the Box restaurant Monday when he was shot and critically wounded. A Utah man has been arrested in connection with the shooting.

Florida Deputy Shot in Leg Saved by Quick Action by Fellow Officers

A deputy with the Pasco Sheriff's Office who was shot in the leg received life-threatening injuries but was quite likely saved by the quick action taken by other officers at the scene.

Off-Duty CA Deputy Shot at Fast Food Restaurant, in Critical Condition

A deputy with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department was shot and severely wounded by an unknown assailant at a fast food restaurant on Monday. A person of interest was being detained Tuesday.

Officer Wounded in Gunfight at Chattanooga Restaurant

An officer with the Chattanooga (TN) Police Department was wounded in an armed confrontation outside a Waffle House restaurant early Sunday.