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Officer Fired

Texas Department Fires 5 Officers, Suspends 2 Following In-Custody Death

The Fort Worth (TX) Police Department fired five officers and suspended two without pay after the in-custody death of a suspect who had complained of medical issues.

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New Los Angeles Sheriff Shaking Up Top Ranks, Removing 18 Executives

Newly elected Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva has reportedly notified nearly 500 supervisors on his staff that their jobs are being reevaluated, firing outright 18 top executives.

Georgia Officer Sues Department over Firing, Claiming Disability

An officer fired by the Decatur (GA) Police Department is suing the city over claims that he was let go because of a disability.

Maryland Officer Fired After Being Found Incapacitated and Intoxicated in Squad Car

An officer with the Baltimore (MD) Police Department was fired for being drunk on the job after he was reportedly found "passed out" in his squad car, according to the Baltimore Sun.

Detroit Police Fire Officer for "Zoo Animals" Social Media Post

An officer with the Detroit Police Department has reportedly been fired over a post he made on social media saying, "Another night to Rangel up [sic] these zoo animals."

Dallas PD Fires Officer Who Shot and Killed Neighbor in His Apartment

Amber Guyger—the female officer formerly with the Dallas (TX) Police Department who shot a man in his own apartment while reportedly thinking it was her residence—has been fired, according to the department's Twitter page.

Oregon Police Recruiter Fired for Giving Applicant Answers to Exam Questions

A recruiter with the Portland (OR) Police Departmen, who allegedly gave an applicant the questions and answers for an entry-level job interview, was reportedly fired this year for "significant misuse of authority," according to The Oregonian.

Ohio Officer Reportedly Fired After Charging Chief, Mayor with Forgery

A sergeant with the New Holland (OH) Police Department was reportedly fired "mere moments after he handed Mayor Clair Betzko and Interim Police Chief David Conrad court summonses accusing them of a forgery scheme."

Colorado Officer Fired for Racial Slur to be Re-Hired

Aurora Police Chief Nick Metz said in a Facebook post that Lieutenant Charles DeShazer "made a highly inappropriate and racially inflammatory comment" but following an appeal to the Civil Service Commission, will be re-hired.

SD Sheriff Fires Deputy Who Defeated Him in Election

Bon Homme County (SD) Sheriff Lenny Gramkow lost his re-election to Deputy Sheriff Mark Maggs. One minute after voting results were made public, Gramkow fired Maggs.