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Officer Fired

Video: CA Officers Fire 76 Rounds in Controversial Vehicle Pursuit

Orange County Dist. Atty. Todd Spitzer’s office on Wednesday released videos of the incident and a letter analyzing the deadly shooting. Prosecutors, while finding that the officers ultimately acted legally because of the threat of what they believed to be a real gun in the hands of a man high on narcotics, took the unusual step of questioning the officers’ behavior.

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Arkansas Department Fires Officer Involved in Deadly Shooting

The Little Rock Police Department has fired Officer Charles Starks, who was involved in the fatal shooting of a suspect—identified as Bradley Blackshire—who was driving a stolen vehicle toward him.

Missouri Campus Officer Fired Over Blackface Photo

The image of a man made up as rapper Flava Flav was sent to the university Tuesday morning and Officer Marcus Collins was fired a few hours later after admitting it was him in the image.

Detroit Chief Fires Second Officer Over Snapchat Video

A second Detroit police officer has been fired in connection with what's been called a racially insensitive Snapchat video in January, Police Chief James Craig said Tuesday.

2 Texas Probationary Officers Fired After Running Away from Gunfight

Police Chief William McManus said the two probationary officers were accompanying Sergeant Steven Castillo when he was called early Monday morning to check out a disturbance at a home on Spring Dale Street.

Detroit Officer Fired for Allegedly Posting Racially Insensitive Comments on Social Media

According to the Detroit Free Press, Chief James Craig said that 24 allegations were brought against Officer Gary Steele, 11 of which were sustained.

Texas Department Fires 5 Officers, Suspends 2 Following In-Custody Death

The Fort Worth (TX) Police Department fired five officers and suspended two without pay after the in-custody death of a suspect who had complained of medical issues.

New Los Angeles Sheriff Shaking Up Top Ranks, Removing 18 Executives

Newly elected Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva has reportedly notified nearly 500 supervisors on his staff that their jobs are being reevaluated, firing outright 18 top executives.

Georgia Officer Sues Department over Firing, Claiming Disability

An officer fired by the Decatur (GA) Police Department is suing the city over claims that he was let go because of a disability.

Maryland Officer Fired After Being Found Incapacitated and Intoxicated in Squad Car

An officer with the Baltimore (MD) Police Department was fired for being drunk on the job after he was reportedly found "passed out" in his squad car, according to the Baltimore Sun.