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Agency Says Off-Duty Maine Officer Died of Fentanyl Overdose

The Lewiston (ME) Police Department said in a statement that 34-year-old Officer Nicholas Meserve died from acute fentanyl intoxication in February.

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Small Maine Town Debates Disbanding Police Department

More than 150 residents of the small coastal Maine town of Gouldsboro gathered on Monday night to debate the merits of keeping or disbanding its police department.

Maine Town to Vote on Disbanding Police Department

The small coastal town of Gouldsboro will vote in June on whether or not to disband its police department.

Maine State Police Detective Killed while Aiding Motorist on Interstate

While Detective Campbell was waiting for another officer to arrive at the scene, two wheels separated from a tractor trailer passing the scene. One of the wheels hit the detective.

Maine Police Chief Struck by Vehicle in Whiteout Conditions

Chief Mike Bresett was transported to a nearby hospital where he underwent surgery. He is currently in stable condition with non-life threatening injuries.

2018 in Review: A Glass Overflowing with Great Stories of American Policing

Despite downward numbers of recruits seeking to join the ranks of law enforcement and increasing indications of de-policing across the country, we can—if we look hard enough—find countless bright spots for American policing in 2018.

Maine Trooper Injured in Tractor Trailer Crash

Police said Davis' cruiser was rear-ended by a tractor trailer near mile 70 northbound in New Gloucester around 5 a.m. Friday. He was stopped on the side of the highway to investigate two cars that had slid off the highway in icy conditions, police said.

Restaurant Chain Celebrates Labor Day by Delivering Hot Meals to Police Departments

A restaurant in Maine delivered hot meals to officers at the Bangor (ME) Police Department on Labor Day. The restaurant was one of hundreds of Olive Garden franchises across the country that took part in the effort to thank law enforcement for their service.

Maine Police in Labor Dispute Shed Duty Uniforms in Favor of T-Shirts

Lewiston, ME, police union representatives say that officers are "ditching their uniforms to show 'dissatisfaction' over contract negotiations with the city." Officers debuted the dark green shirts last week saying that there will be no interruption in police services, but "they are hoping to make a strong statement," according to the report.

Maine Police Apologize for "Arresting" Marilyn Manson

A "Gif video" of rock performer Marilyn Manson being placed in handcuffs by a Bangor (ME) police officer was posted to Instagram and instantly went viral, receiving more than 415,000 views. The trouble is, the whole thing was a prank